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I want a button in the editor
I want a button in the editor (html) that my css Code:.note {     background: #ffc url("") no-repeat scroll 99% center;     border: 1px
Button to open the editor in Fullscreen
Button to open the editor in Fullscreen  DescriptionWith this resource you will be able to add a button to open the SCeditor (the new editor of Forumotion) in fullscreen Discover this! Demo CodeYou have to reply to this topic to see the code
Change the button icons of the editor
Hello, This quick trick will teach you how to change the icons of buttons for the editor of your Forumotion forum. This will work for all versions so long as you're using the default editor. Modifying the stylesheet So you get an idea of
[FIXED] Double scrollbar Giphy
There's a double scrollbar for the giphy plugin on mobile This only happens when a search is done
Cannot click on button
Hello, I have a button defined with Code:<td align="center" valign="center" nowrap="true" onfocus="isc_IButton_3_label.$47()" tabindex="-1"
Add more font choices to the Editor
Hello, This quick trick will teach you how to add more font choices to the Editor of you Forumotion forum, as in the example below. Adding the JavaScript Go to Administration Panel > Modules > JavaScript codes management and create a new
I need solution for Multiple FCK Editor for Selenium IDE...
I need solution for Multiple FCK Editor for Selenium IDE...plz give me solution in Html formate.
How do i get the Xpath value for a radio button so i can click the button on a form
Hi, There are some radio buttons on a form. The HTML code for it is below. I am writing the selenium in C# Visual Studio. I want to click this button, to do this i need to use xpath so it can click the right button. I would need xpath to find the
[SOLVED] Missing "updates" button.
I have installed the software on both a windows VM's 7 X64 Pro machine and a Windows 8.1 X64 VM.  Both installations seem to have the same problem.  The are missing the Updates Icon/button that allows you to download all the updates and integrate them int
Multiple Button issue
Hi I am using selenium testing using Firefox. I am executing the application using the selenium IDE. Through selenium IDE, i am able to login and move to the corresponding screen. There are 4 buttons on my screen, when I invoke through selenium to clic
Rollover Button Using CSS
Rollover button Using CSS How to have a roll over effect on a image Hello Everyone This is a tutorial to have a rollover effect over a button. You must have seen different kinds of roll over's wherein the image is loaded once we hover over it. Makin
The Quick Editor
I don't know if I was using it wrong, but when I clicked "Advanced" while editing my post, it posted any entirely new post. You might need to edit the postmode or take away that option while quick editing. ex : when clicking advanced while
click button of a pop up in webdriver
'Play Current Test Case' button not support to Ruby language.
Hi..! I have properly installed selenium IDE, Ruby on my machine. When I made script format as HTML all buttons is enabled & funcation properly. But When I record any simple scipt & made script format as Ruby or other language (except HTML),
Quick editor [Project]
Hello everyone, I am here to notify you of a change on the forum index. Clicking the title of a forum will now load the topics list of that forum. Currently I have added three options to the nav of the quick topic list. The options are as follows
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