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"game hug kiss slap or kill person above"

Interesting article - "Does migraine kill?"
I thought this was a pretty good article providing information without causing panic. I think overall migraine should be considered a somewhat dangerous disease and not "just a headache".
highly INsensitive person (HIP) board usernames
On HSP boards, most of the usernames have either natural, spiritual, or new-agey undertones. What would some usernames be on a HIP (highly insensitive person) board? Bootstomper? Psychoscreamer? Birdshooter? Fluffykittymuncher?
Worldwide Contest update 10.05 (10 new international)
Worldwide Contest update 10.05 (10 new international) Câștigă până la / win until 12.05.13 $250 Paypal Cash! Câștigă până la / win until 12.05.13 $50 Ebates Câștigă până la / win until 12.05.13 $50 FOR EBATES Câștigă până la / win until
First Person Shooters
I haven't heard about any FPS's for the 3DS. I remember in an interview with Iwata that the 3DS's motion controlls could be very useful for FPS's, but they never listed any FPS games. What would be a good 3DS FPS game? What would you want to see in 3D
Comment On The Avatar of The Person Above You
The most well-known Kuchiki of all.
How could the Star Brand,kill one or two Beyonders
The living Tribunal,Eternity,infinity,ect., can`t kill these beings.But the Star brand can,hickman is making a big mistake here,unless he explains himself I.M.O
Wireless bio-absorbable circuits could kill bacteria
Linku: Not posting the article cause I'm lazy atm. Remote-controlled, dissolvable electronic implants have been created that could help attack microbes, provide pain relief
What was the first mario game that you played?
My first game in the series was Super Mario Bros. 2 USA I know it wasn't a "real" mario game, but it remains one of my favorites to this day!
Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints
This affects anyone who uses face paints anytime of the year! A must read! Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints The authors of the article have recipes for safe face paint if you really need it... haven't checked out the recipes tho. Happy
Maotsujun Dialogues [drabbles]
Title: Maotsujun Dialogues Author: Kytana Rating: AA to massive NC-17 Classification: Past to present Spoilers: Many. xD Warnings: Can go from insane to smut to dramatic... name it. Summary: These come from the mind of Kytana. They're just random
Sentence Alteration Game
Share Your Gaming Collection!
We all collect games, Plushes any type of merchandise that involves gaming. Here is the play you can use to share your current and past systems that you still own If you have any stories about how you came about these systems or handheld devices also
Comment on the sig of the person above you
Like Ash? Transformers? Mind transformers, that's what they are
Comment on the sig of the person above you
Does the person above you have a great sig,or is it bad maybe he/she doesn't even have one Post your thoughts about his/her sig text or pics/vids
The Video Game Character Alphabet
In this game we'll loop through the Alphabet from A-Z in an infinite loop using characters from video games! Here is an example of how it will work: Post #1: Axel. (Kingdom Hearts) Post #2: Bubsy. (Bubsy) Post #3: Crono. (Chrono Trigger) etc.
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