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[SOLVED] Office 2013 integration with winreducer....not working
I built into Windows, but does not install office ... In windows I have the folder "winreducerpi 'in which the office .. I have three files-created .... besides office files .. 1.Autorun.dll ([autorun] OPEN = SETUP.EXE ICON = SETUP.EXE, 0
Integrate office 2013 proplus x64 to windows 8.1 x64
Integrate office 2013 proplus x64   to windows 8.1 x64 make a folder office/64 ( 32 ) .. extract the iso office in office/64 .. office \ 64 \ proplus.ww .. edit config.xml replace with : Code:<Configuration
[ANSWERED] Slipstream office 2013 in win 8.1 ?
How slipstream office 2013 in win 8.1 with update ? Please tutorial...... thanks
Fragrance at the Doctor's Office
Does anyone else have a migraine doctor that wears fragrance? Is there such a thing as a fragrance free medical office - where both staff and patients are asked not to wear perfume, cologne, aftershave or other artificial fragrance?
Setup crashes when trying to install office
Hi, I have a fresh install of windows 7, 32 bit on a vmware virtual machine. I have installed office 2007 on similar machines in the past without any problems. Using the same software, I am now unable to install office and receive the following error
Paramaterization in Selenium using open office
Hi!! I am using Selenium web driver (java). Now i am trying to parameterize in selenium using open office. Does anyone know how to do ??? I Know how to do parameterization using Msoffice Excel. I ve searched lot about this,not yet get any
Parameterization in Selenium using Open Office
Hi!!. Is it possible to parameterize the Selenium Web driver using Open Office?? Thanks in Advance, Vidya
Natsume Opens New Office In Tokyo Japan!
New Jobs Available! Natsume Inc "the masterminds responsible for Harvest Moon, Reel Fishing, etc." announced today the official opening of its Tokyo office, which will further expand the development of games for home and handheld game consoles,
NET Framework Light Cleanup breaks Office 2010 install
Hi winter. I have selected the "Protect Office 2010" preset, but the NET Framework Light Cleanup removes some .NET files that are required for Office 2010 installation. I get an "Error 1935" which indicates an issue with .NET
[ANSWERED] Microsoft Office 2007 Excell Save As PDF is not working
Microsoft Office 2007 Excell Save As PDF is not working, but for MS word or powerpoint, it is working, I use portable version of MS Office 2007 Could you help please? Code:
Level-5 Announces Inazuma Eleven Go Strikers 2013 For Wii
All eyes are locked on the WiiU at the moment but Level-5 is showing some Wii love as they announce Inazuma Eleven Go Strikers 2013. Level-5 will release the title on December 20th in Japan. Nintendo of Europe has confirmed they will bring Inazuma
Microsoft Office 2010 RTM Build 14.0.4730.1007 Leaks in the Wild
A new Build 14.0.4730.1007 of Office 2010 has been leaked by WZOR, a site infamously known for many leaked builds of Windows 7 during its testing stages. While the stuff which is new to this build is not known yet, but a new EULAID:O14_RTM_VL.1_RTM_EN,
Nintendo: Shutdown of Wii Channels as of June 28, 2013
We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products. We would like to inform you that a portion of the network services offered through the Wii console will be discontinued starting June 28, 2013. We apologize to
2013/02/20 WIN an Old Navy $1000 Gift Card! CAN/US
WIN an Old Navy $1000 Gift Card (grand prize) or $50 daily prize, open to Canada/USA, ends Feb 20th, 2013. You can enter 5 times to day in a "Pin to Win" Pinterest format. Enter:
Nintendo Direct: E3 2013 special
Pokemon X/Y - You can pet the pokemon, shows using the touchscreen to feed and pet the pokemon. - fairy type confirmed, super effective against dragon-type Pokemon. - Jigglypuff, Gardevoir, Marill re-typed to Fairy. - October 12th in Japan and
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