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[ANSWERED] Setup cannot continue due to corrupted installation file....
Hello. I'm newbie here and use the Winreducer 1.37 I spent whole week to make ISO of Windows 8.1 Enterprise with latest windows update. I added windows updates only, no other changes. I used the Optimize ISO size,  Expert Optimization and all protecte
Selenium RC; Permission denied on session.([error] Element not found ")
Selenium RC; Permission denied on session.([error] Element not found ") Hi,I m using Selenium IDE and Selenium RC,
[IMPLEMENTED] BAT or PowerShell file or Silent Install After Setup is Finish
It would by awesome if we could attach our BAT or PowerShell files or Silent installation code to start them after windows 8.1 setup is finish. Dont you think?
cannot delete access denied...maybe a virus?
I posted this under software, but I am being advised to post it under virus instead. We have checked the folders and they are marked as read only and when we try to change it, it won't change. I have ran the several scans and they are coming up
Local Drive (Q:) - Access Denied
I recently had Vista, and a virus, then got rid of both and installed Windows 7. I have a portable hard drive which I used to save some files from the Vista OS version of my computer, and some of which are back on my computer now with Win 7. This was all
Access Denied Error in Selenium RC
Hi ,   I am facing Access Denied error while executing the script in Firefox..Even I have tried with different Firefox old versions also.But I didnt get the solution and I did change the Browser settings to No proxy also.This also didnt solve my
[ANSWERED] Unhandled exception - access to the path WinReducer81\HOME\SOFTWARE\TimeZones.xml is denied
I edited the laptop preset to add some language and then when I try to mount the folder, it gives me the following: I have tried a few times and it always give me the same result. What's going on?
ERROR: Command execution failure. Please search the forum at for error details from the log window. The error message is: Permission denied
Hi, I am facing following exception during Running my selenium testcase. hence i am not able to assert the texts. test case is something like this: There is a page creates Agency and once it is created after clicking Save button, the title of the page
Security system won't let me install hijack this or malwarebytes
It even shut down my computer! What do I do? Okay. I'm in safe mode and was able to install malwarebytes, which is now scanning. I'll try running hijack this, too.
[SOLVED] ISO size, reduce install.wim size >4GB, gpt partition
I have trouble with size of install media after I integrate all new updates into Windows 8.1 image. Size of install.wim file grow from 3.2 GB to 4.3GB Does somebody have step by step tutorial how to create USB UEFI gpt boot disk (with rufus) when is
After installing malwarebytes, it says mbam.exe can't be found!
I've used Malwarebytes successfully 2 times before, but for some reason, now whenever I click on it, it says it can't find mbam.exe. I installed it again, but the same thing happened. I would greatly appreciate the help!
Setup crashes when trying to install office
Hi, I have a fresh install of windows 7, 32 bit on a vmware virtual machine. I have installed office 2007 on similar machines in the past without any problems. Using the same software, I am now unable to install office and receive the following error
.exe file disappears on launch
Recently, I downloaded a particular .exe file. When I tried to launch it on windows xp, it does not show signs of any launching but disappears after a while. This has been so with my computer running vista. I did not run as administrator in both cases.
[IMPLEMENTED] Cursors - Able to read install/setup files
So manually selecting each cursor is fine. But after selecting the first one it then make me go back to the winreducer folder and path again for each cursor rather than just opening to the folder where i chose my cursor. It be nice to have that
Element not found error and quits in explorer / runs in firefox
I installed Selenium IDE in firefox. To run the html file generated in explorer , downloaded selenium RC . but when i give the command, java -jar selenium-server.jar -htmlSuite "*iexplore" "http://webaddress/"
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