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Your Top Five Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games
So Nintendo Switch is coming out much sooner than many of us thought (myself included), and a good selection of titles have been revealed. Which titles are your currently most-hyped from the ones revealed?
Nintendo Switch
NINTENDO SWITCH The Nintendo Switch, formerly known as Nintendo NX, has been revealed today, the 20th October 2016. The confirmed games shown in the first-ever trailer above are: - The Legend of
Non Nintendo Console & Games and PC Games you still play.
There are hundreds of Super old Games on Super Old systems from the Atari 2600, To what would be considered Retro now the Gameboy Advance and Gamecube. But what other Games on Non Nintendo Platforms Including Handhelds & and PC do you still pull out of
Toriko: Gourmet Monsters Heads To Nintendo 3DS
Looks like Namco Bandai Games has something cooked up for 3DS owners as they reveal a new 3DS title, Toriko: Gourmet Monsters. Toriko has players collecting and raising monsters with RPG elements, based on the Toriko manga and anime license. Namco
Nintendo Direct - North American and European News (21/06/12)
NOTE: some videos and some news might be posted later. North American News Click here if you can't see the video in here 3DS News - 3DS LL is the 3DS XL in North America - coming in Red and Blue, bundled with 4GB SD card - due out in N
Anyone Else HYPED for the Nintendo Switch Presentation on Friday?
I know personally that I'm ten-hunnerd percent hyped! To paraphrase Reggie, "Ready, my body is!"
Nintendo Switch Online Services Discussion
What does everyone think about the monthly/yearly fees for the Nintendo Switch online services? Me personally, I'm very disappointed that there will no longer be a Mii Plaza or MiiVerse to discuss games. I think that's what made the WiiU and 3DS so
Square Enix Games Currently Rumored And Confirmed For Nintendo NX.
It looks like Square Enix might end up supporting the Nintendo NX in a big way here's a list of Square Enix NX titles currently confirmed and rumored! Confirmed: Dragon Quest X Dragon Quest XI Rumored: Final Fantasy VII: Remastered Kingdom
Nintendo: Download Classic Games on Wii U for 30 Cents
Download Classic Games on Wii U for 30 Cents July 15, 2013 is the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Family Computer (Famicom), known as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES™) in the United States. In anticipation of the launch of the Virtual
Nintendo eShop version of Nano Assault coming soon
A new 3DS retail challenger, known as Nano Assault EX, will arrive on the Nintendo eShop competing against other retail rejects such as Order Up!!, Planet Crashers, and eventually Fractured Soul. What makes Nano Assault EX stand out from all the rest is
My Pokémon Black game won't load on my 3DS!?
I keep getting an unable to read gamecard message,does anyone know why my system won't read the game
Time Management Games for the DSi/3DS?
Can anyone recommend a decent time management game for the DSi/3DS? Preferably something closer to "Road to Rome" or "The Timebuilders: Caveman's Prophecy", and not having anything to do with diners, hair salons, or frenzied farms.
Club Nintendo Free Game Offer (3DS XL)
Now's the time! Get a free digital game when you buy and register the Nintendo 3DS XL system and a qualifying game by 4/30. Get a free digital game when you buy... Nintendo 3DS XL System Nintendo 3DS XL hardware registered on or after 2/14/1
E3: Semi-Live Blog Our Opinions of Nintendo's Treehouse Broadcast (Day 1)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @Ichigofan: It looks like Zelda U / NX is subtitled Breath of The Wild! @Ichigofan: Will be open world and will feature
Platinum Games, SEGA & Nintendo Bombarded With Hate Mail Over WiiU Exclusive Bayonetta 2
None of the publishers including SEGA, Microsoft or Sony wanted to fund or publish a sequel to critically acclaimed Bayonetta. Nintendo stepped up to fund and publish the project, and now "fans" are posting hate mail left, right and center. I guess
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