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"face hurts after getting glasses"

getting glasses prescription right with daily migraine
I wondered if anyone else is experiencing this problem. I used to go to the optitian and have prety much the same galses prescription for 15 years, but,, In the last year I've been back 3 times and have got 3 different sets of glasses, all of which are
Rose tinted photochromatic glasses ?
I had a brainwave today that I should try rose tinted photochromatic glasses rather than just rose tint on it's own. Apparently they exist in America but the optician says you can't get them in the uK yet. So do they exist, does anybody have them? And if
Pain in back of my head.
In some ways this is worse than migraine because nothing helps. It hits hard and backs off some and then hits again. It is under the occipital, but goes up to the back of my head and down to my neck. It feels like something is dragging the back of my
Through Rose Colored Glasses Challenge
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Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints
This affects anyone who uses face paints anytime of the year! A must read! Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints The authors of the article have recipes for safe face paint if you really need it... haven't checked out the recipes tho. Happy
Does your hair hurt?
At the moment the hair on top of my head hurts so much, that it feel as if I got one big bruise. I can barely touch, or brush it. The whole top of my head is sore, and sensitive to touch. It helps a little after I wash it, but soon it starts all over,
Numbness/tingling in face with migraine
Hi All, Does anyone else get numbness or tingling in the face with migraine? I have a pretty bad one and am experiencing this now-kind of feels like my face/head has fallen asleep. Thanks, Pain free days, sailingm
has anyone tried colour glasses to treat migraine?
I have noticed that on the web there is a lot about blue light and migraine. there seems to be some green glasses for migraine that are supposed to help and some tests were done with red contact lenses that have helped some people. Has anyone tried this o
My neck hurts!!!
I feel like I have a 50lb weight on shoulders and it is pulling all up my neck to the back of my head. Nothing is helping. I've been stretching and rotating my shoulders and it just gets tighter. The pain is starting above my eye. I can feel a really
Cold Resistance Training HURTS!
I just stepped outside for a few minutes in an open sweatshirt jacket to train my cold resistance. It was not pleasant. My hands are still a bit chilly as I type this. Maybe I should start lighter.......
Scary face
You got me, Ange. Wow, this was unexpected.
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This 5pm pain every day.
Bit posted for a bit. This one is a real enigma. Every day around 5pm regardless of migraine or not, I get pain. Usually in my right side of neck runs in back of head to temple and side of head ,ends up on top. It just did it again. I was doing
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