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Face of Factorie competition Prize Details Factorie is looking for some fresh faces to bring our best new looks to life! We’re looking for naturally, happy guys and girls to be the next Face of Factorie. Our
Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints
This affects anyone who uses face paints anytime of the year! A must read! Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints The authors of the article have recipes for safe face paint if you really need it... haven't checked out the recipes tho. Happy
Numbness/tingling in face with migraine
Hi All, Does anyone else get numbness or tingling in the face with migraine? I have a pretty bad one and am experiencing this now-kind of feels like my face/head has fallen asleep. Thanks, Pain free days, sailingm
become the NEXT FACE of L'Oreal - ends 03/26/13
become the NEXT FACE of L'Oreal - ends 03/26/13 1) Chooseyour best pic 2) Put it in the layout and enter the contest 3) Share and get friends to Vote Rules (click Spoiler to read) Spoiler:NO PURCHASE
Next Face of Fat Tie® Inc. 2012 *Us Citizen*
Enter ContestView EntriesInvite Friends Grand Prize There will be one juried Grand Prize Winner, Ten Finalists and a fan favorite. The 10 Finalists will receive a Fat Tie®, Inc. soundtrack, their favorite Fat Tie, Inc. shirt from our Back to Cool
PhD Researcher seeking RLSHs for Sociological study
Hi all! My name is Vlad Iouchkov and I'm a Sociology PhD candidate at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. I am writing my doctorate thesis on the RLSH movement, and am specifically focusing on the personal transformations that people undergo i
Lock up the clowns! Police warn pranksters they could face arrest as reports of creepy figures jumping out of bushes and chasing children sweep Britain I tuned into ITV's Good Morning Britain and watched as Piers Morgan tore into three
Facial Numbness
Hi my name is Bonnie-Jean. I have suffered with migraines on a daily basis for about 15 years. My sister, Amanda, also suffers with an occasional migraine (maybe every 6 months). Recently she has begun experiencing Facial Numbness. It started
Warning: Wii U owners experiencing Super Mario Galaxy 2 download crash
Like a black hole Most people who watched the recent Nintendo Direct were probably excited, and maybe surprised, that Wii games are heading to the Wii U eShop, starting with Super Mario Galaxy 2 (available now). While this is good news, a few Wii
Voltaren Gel
In October I was prescribed Voltaren Gel for my knees. I, for whatever reason, had patella tendonitis around both knee caps. In Dec. I saw my Neuro and told her I was using the gel. She asked if I had tried it on my face or head or neck. NO. She said
Mott's Fruitsations
Success! Exercise, anxiety, and sun migraines and hot head done!
Hi Everyone, I recently discovered the cause of my 20 years of headaches, migraines, and overheating issues and I wanted to share my story in case anyone else has a similar situation. Wheat! I can't believe it is something so plain and simple! I
True Story! A zombie eats a homeless man's face in Florida. :o
This is old news, but apparently a zombie was feasting on a homeless man's face in Florida last month and it took 2 bullets to his shoulders, 3 chest shots, and a head shot for the dispatched officer to take this zombie down. There have been 6 other
I just started 10mg of Propranolol last week. I'm experiencing dizziness as I expected. However, I have noticed some strange ice-pick type pains on one side of my head, as well as strange sensory issues like burning face. I don't think the ice-pick pai
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