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Sharepoint forgets login and doesn't react on clicks on in-page-links
I've got 2 problems testing a sharepoint site 1. The auth popup is popping up at irregular intervals (every 5 to 10 clicks) although every open command uses the username:password@site as prefix - when I use the same Firefox profile as selenium
[Hỏi đáp] Hỏi về đăng nhập facebook
1. Các anh cho em hỏi , khi mình vào một forum nào đó , mình chưa có tài khoảng , forum đó có chức năng đăng nhập = facebook , khi đó e đã đăng nhập = facebook , thì nó lại văng vào chỗ đăng ký forum là sao z các a . 2. Sao trang , e chưa có
Login page
Hi guys. I am back to ask for more help xD RockerMan has made an awesome login page, and has taken a screenshot of it. I want to make one similar, so I am handing over to the people of WebArtz for some help. What coding would be required to make a
Need a custom html page?
Title says it all, Im offering free service to build you an html page/template for your site. All you have to do is provide me with a good picture layout either drawn up in paint, photoshop, etc...(must be your own) and a little description of what you
How to make a failure in gmail login page?
just gave dummy username and pswd. click on button. its running successfully. in gmail it asks please enter valid username / pswd. How to make a failure test case in gmail login page ?
120 Hymns For Brass Band Red Book.pdf
120 Hymns For Brass Band Red Book.pdf >
Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints
This affects anyone who uses face paints anytime of the year! A must read! Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints The authors of the article have recipes for safe face paint if you really need it... haven't checked out the recipes tho. Happy
Parameterise you login page using java.
hi, This is a sample code which parameterise you application using selenium rc in java. The idea is to use array/list to store diffrenet username and password. Snippet of code are as follows: import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*; public class
Numbness/tingling in face with migraine
Hi All, Does anyone else get numbness or tingling in the face with migraine? I have a pretty bad one and am experiencing this now-kind of feels like my face/head has fallen asleep. Thanks, Pain free days, sailingm
Couple McCann launches book in Germany
My friends, I received this through google alert: Madeleine´s parents presents book about their daughter in Germany. Couple McCann presents the book Madeleine at a hotel in Hamburg, Germany. In their book, they talk about the suffering and hope in
Penworthy Prebound Book Contest *usa only* Prize Details Ten randomly selected entrants will receive $100 of Penworthy Prebound Books for their library. Contest Instructions 1. Like Penworthy Bear on Facebook. 2. Tell us your
[Javascript] Automatic login after registration
File name: Automatic login after registration Functionality: All Versions First go to your Administration Panel → Modules → Html & Javascript Management → Javascript Management Name: Automatic login after registration Placement: All
What if Ben 10 as Comic Book Superhero
What if Ben 10 Become into Strong Comic Book Hero with a More Powerful Omnitrix?
Javascript Array
Javascript Array Working with arrays in JavaScript Hello members of WebArtz, I am Mr.Joker and today I will try to teach you what is an Array. Well, as a name say allready an Array can store some values inside it. For example an array in real life
DataDriven from Excel in C# with NUnit
Hi Everyone Nice to See an active Selenium Forum. Previously i used This in JAVA but now the client require that in C# but iam new to C#..i never used..even i tried to run some tests by learning from the net. Now i have a big test to do this
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