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"f secure could not verify the integrety of the installer"

Verify in Junit
Hi All, I'm trying to use Verify instead of Assert in Junit. Any idea of how to use Verify in JUnit. Please help. Thanks, Prassad.
How to verify all element present in application.
Hi, Suppose if you want to check your application link before start testing, you can do it with some commands present in RC. I am telling how to verify all links, button and input fields on the current page. I am telling you in java , convert into your
Verify command when used with Java,JUNIT and Eclipse
Hi All I am writing testing scripts in Java language using Eclipse IDE. When I use assertTrue command no syntax error is displayed. With assertTrue command I have also used the command (import static org.junit.Assert.*). However, when I use the
BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO - verify image property.
Hi, This is the one of problem faced by selenium user, how to verify the image type. Now I am going to provide a solution for that, which is going to work in RC but partially on IDE. I am explaining the verification of google homepage image and its
How to verify text at specific location.
Hi, Verify test is most important aspect of any testing. But sometimes we have to want verify text at specific location not in whole page. For this use following command: storeText | Location of your text | variable name Now you have got the
How to use storetext and verify text? It is failing for me..
Hi, Is there any thing wrong on the below code...Please correct it if any problem... It is failing....If I post,
How to verify text present of HTML 5 validation popup in Selenium IDE
I am new to Selenium IDE. I created simple form with Html 5 validation. Now I have created test cases for testing form in Selenium IDE. But test case got failed when I tried to verify popup "Please fill out this field."which is html 5 validation popup
verify the page content in pop up window
how do i verify whether the page is opened properly in popup window or not using selenium RC with Java.
How to verify the graph?
How to verify that the graph is showing properly or not in selenium.
[ANSWERED] autorun.dll problem at uefi usb startup
Hi, not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I am running Tech Preview and I try to make a new iso(to put on usb) with winreducer, I keep getting an "autorun.dll" error at startup(to install windows) I have not had this issure for windows 7
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verify maximum length for a field using selenium IDE
i need to verify maximum allowed length for a field using selenium IDE. need advise from someone.
How to verify particular TEXT color in web page using selenium webdriver?
Hi ALL, I am new to selenium.i want to verify particular text color in webpage using webdriver in java.i need generic code to verify text color. i will give in excel sheet particular color and action type verify. KINDLY GIVE SOLUTION TO THIS.
How to verify the url displayed after click the links is correct (Selenium RC and Webdriver)?
hi , How to verify the url displayed after click the links is correct ? Think there are 10 links , I will click one link and get back to same page, again i will click on next link. here at every time how to verify that url displayed is correct after
Setup crashes when trying to install office
Hi, I have a fresh install of windows 7, 32 bit on a vmware virtual machine. I have installed office 2007 on similar machines in the past without any problems. Using the same software, I am now unable to install office and receive the following error
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