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Need advice please - migraine disability letter for my employer
Hi folks~ I am mostly a reader here, but have posted a couple of times. I have chronic migraines and mixed headaches 3-5 times a week and head/neck pain pretty much all the time and I am suffering. I am missing a lot of work and know that the stress
Last Letter Game
In this game, you need to reply with a word that starts with the last letter in the last post. Example: I post animal. You post lizard. I post dog. You post goat and so on. Let's Begin: Mississippi
Review: The Letter (Wii U eshop)
A Spookfest This Is Not! The Letter is a horror title developed by Treefall Studios and is exclusively for the Wii U. This game has an eerie tone and is a bargain eshop title, but Is this game as precious as a Ghost Sapphire? Keep reading to find
Third Letter of Each Word Game
Use the third letter of the word posted to create a new word... Here is the first one mates: Highlight
4-letter acronym game
This is taken from an old thread on AIMOO started by INFP. Make a sentence out of the letters of the 4-letter word posted by the last poster. Then come up with a 4-letter word for the next poster to make a sentence out of. (not necessarily a bad one,
Single letter avatar
Hello, I didn't use the form because it was an old image and I lost all the infos about it If I will find the file you will ask me all what you want
The never ending resignation letter
I am revising an old idea that Nucky introduced long ago in a now defunct forum under a slightly different premise. The letter is one of resignation to the world's worst boss! Each person should submit just 3 words to the letter per post. I will
☀ Words starting with the letter 'S' go in here. ☀
This is the same as the other word games starting with letters, but in here is 's'. So just write any words beginning with this letter S. So I'll start with: Serendipity.
An end to Funkeys?? - Write a letter
One thing that may work and I thought about this when I got wind of the forum closing was maybe ALL the Funkey fans SHOULD write an letter to Mattel telling them what a great product UB Funkeys are! Tell them WHY you like them! Don't go off on them
WHERE IS THE PROOF OF ALL THIS 'FILTH', BENNETT?(merged with pretendy protest letter thread)
WHY HAS BENNETT NOT POSTED ANY EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER OF PROOF OF HIS FOUL ALLEGATIONS? That question is being asked in many places. Bennett has made some truly disgusting allegations about total strangers - but not produced a single scrap of evidence to
Marijuana for migraines Seriously, has anyone found that pot is successful at treating migraines? I have not heard anyone here say this worked.
My favorite teacher died
I hope we all had a teacher like Mrs. D. The woman who believed in me when no one else did. I was a wild child. At home there was a lot of drinking and fighting. Partying to me was normal. I was suspended from school in 7th grade for having alcohol
Jenis ikan laut dan kesulitan pemeliharaannya
Memilih ikan hias air laut Jenis ikan dan tingkat kesulitan pemeliharaannya Ikan laut dapat dibeli di toko-toko ikan hias yang menyediakannya. Beragam ikan dapat dipilih di sini. Sebagai informasi dasar, pilihlah ikan yang sehat, sirip tidak
Merupakan salah satu jenis botana yang paling disukai oleh reefer karena merupakan salah satu tokoh kartun " DORI". sifatnya tidak terlalu agresif ke ikan lain, namun dapat agresif ke ikan sesama jenis botana. hal ini dikarenakan sifat ingin menunjukan
"Comebacks"/"Repllies" when called a "drug seeker"...
Hi Everyone- I've been doing some thinking and I got to wondering...So many of us are made to feel like "drug seekers" by various Health Care Professionals. My experiences have been mostly in the ER, but I do know they happen in any and all
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