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Error : Timed out after 30000ms
Hi all, I am using Selenium RC with java client driver. Here i am getting Timed out after 30000ms error in RC server. ie, i have"//ul[@id='firstnav']/li[1]/a/span");
How to set Wait time for the command(ClickandWait)
How to set Wait time for the command(ClickandWait)
Cannot click on button
Hello, I have a button defined with Code:<td align="center" valign="center" nowrap="true" onfocus="isc_IButton_3_label.$47()" tabindex="-1"
[error] Timed out after 30000ms
I'm doing some test case for this web application: Tudu List ( Login and Password typing actions are ok, all seems to work. But after the menu page is loaded and the test should click on a link as Quick Add, the
com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleniumException: ERROR: Command execution failure.
My program is to count the number of items in a combobox. import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*; public class combocountitem extends SeleneseTestCase { public void setUp() throws Exception { selenium = new DefaultSelenium("localhost", 4444, "*chrome",
How to import a python code in Selenium IDE, without error message?
Hello, I am Kitty, and I am a begginer with Selenium IDE. My problem is that if I want to import a code written in Python in Selenium IDE, I receive this error message: error loading test case: no command found I do not know what to do next. I have
Selenium RC; Permission denied on session.([error] Element not found ")
Selenium RC; Permission denied on session.([error] Element not found ") Hi,I m using Selenium IDE and Selenium RC,
error: Selenium can not be resolved
I have following selenium RC code i am using Eclipse error message: Selenium can not be resolved. Whats wrong in the code? Please help package com.example.tests; import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*; import org.junit.After; import
Command openWindow(url, ID) errors out in IE9. Works fine in Firefox 9.
The base URL for my test case is example1.html but I need to open a second urlexample2.html to get some data from there and close it at the end. The problem is thatwhen I try to open the new instance I get the following error:20:48:13.978 INFO - Got
how to wait for the page refresh finished
If I enter value in input box before the page refresh finished,after the page refresh finished,the value will disappear,so how can I wait for the page refresh finished ? Thanks in advance.
required selenese commands for junit4
i have worked with Selenese commands for junit4 scripting like open,type,click,wait,assert.....can i know other remaining Selenese commands for junit4 scripting...?coding examples will be appreciable for better understanding...thank you..!
Error in selenium ide when i execute verifyTextPresent after clickAndWait command
Hi, I was testing website . till search buses its working exactly. once i click on search button. its going to next page and tried to verifyTextPresent command. once i was done its executing till clickAndWait properly. after that my next
How to use verifyAttribute
HI Users, I am a beginner in selenium. I am trying to work on verifyAttribute. Please tell me How to use the attributeLocator syntax .Its throwing errors like unrecognized element filter , could not find element attribute , Actual value 'divontheleft'
Negative Testing with Selenium JUnit 4 Remote Control and Eclipse
Hi, I created the following script. I use Eclipse and JUnit 4: Can't add website to the code because: New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information. Please remove
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