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"error have been detected during downloading updates"

[SOLVED] WinReducer EX-81 v1.4.1.0 error downloading windows updates
Hello - just downloaded WinReducer EX81 V1.4.1.0 and did a clean install  (on Windows 8.1 VM machine) Went to the usual start, loaded my Win 81 iso, then went to the updates.   After update download completed got an error. Looks like an update doesn't
[SOLVED] WinReducer 8.1 v1.29 - When downloading updates, the (9) "Tools" that are available don't downlaod
Not sure if this is a bug or its just getting intentionally skipped. The loader bar just skips instantly to the end and it say done.
[ANSWERED] Windows updates failed with error code 80073712
what is causing this error? I ran windows updates and the following update failed with error code 80073712: Update for Windows 8.1 (KB2887595) Also same error code 80073712 also happened when I try to install any Language Pack. I did a
[SOLVED] Updates downloader does not move existing updates
So the latest list downloaded KB3000850 and KB3014442, and put them into Updates_3 but I already had these in Updates. The downloader should automatically remove them from this directory. It would be nice if it could move them rather than download them
win32/rootkit.agent.odg detected but nod32 cannot remove
tried downloading superantispyware but the program will not open also tried malwarebytes and also will not open- tried this in safe mode with networking i have a dell optiplex gx620 windows xp sp3 please help
Can't download windows 7 updates (VIP Member)
Dear sir,  Every time I click search on update downloader shows error (unable to connect to the server, please try again later)  Can you please help me  Regards
Home network not being detected by computer - wireless connected but no Internet
Hi all, After downloading (and playing for a few minutes) a Free Ride game, I lost my internet connection. I am writing from another laptop in my home network, which never lost connection. This was yesterday -- My wireless (NETGEAR) appears as connecte
LAN adaptor for TV can't connect to internet
I have a specified LAN adaptor for my TV which I've entered the encryption code. Which was allowed. My TV tells me i'm connected,but when I click on it it say's it can't be found. I've tried many avenues to fix this but still no results. Do I have t
updater keeps downloading....something.
Hi everyone. I'm running windows 7. I have an updater window I can not get to go away. It does not tell me what it is updating. I also have a few cases here in the past couple weeks where the browser has been hijacked once to and once to something
[SOLVED] Unable to integrate Updates or Software
I'm having trouble to get WinReducer to work. I downloaded all the updates, x86 and x64, they are in the folders E:\WinReducer81\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x86 and E:\WinReducer81\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x64 folders. I created a preset file (for Windows 8.
problems downloading software
Using Winreducer current version when selecting to download all softwares randomly dism, oscdimg or resource hacker are downloaded, but after Winreducer display one message Software Detection ==> Unable to download necessary files to install
Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunTask.a detected
Hi, Two objects were detected by Kaspersky: system memory Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunTask.a and file Trojan.script.startpageTask.a: "c:\windows\system32\Tasks_migrated\cFos\Registration Tasks\open Browser MBAM scan came up clean. Edge doesn't work an
[SOLVED] Cancelling update downloader while downloading
Cascades into the main app, killing it too See this debug message... anyone know a hack or reg tweak to make the window resizable or larger? Seeing stack traces is a pain without copy pasting them. Anywho here's the full thing: **************
wait time possible when downloading a file using selenium?
Hello, I have a unique issue. I am using selenium to screen scrape and in certain instances this includes downloading files such as excel. Most of the time this works, however, when I come across files that are larger than 1 meg it doesn't wait until the
Response_Code = -1 Error_Message = Request Error
Hi, I am new to Selenium and therefore tried this demo: All were successful except the last part. I did exactly how it is mentioned in the demo. But I am getting following error. Please hel
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