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[EDGE STYlING] Fade out the widget menu when it's not hovered over
I was trying to create a JS (in all the pages) to fade out (or perhaps a different effect in the future, like sliding back to the left) the widget menu after 5 seconds or so when it's not being hovered over, but it doesn't work. Here's my first
Change the button icons of the editor
Hello, This quick trick will teach you how to change the icons of buttons for the editor of your Forumotion forum. This will work for all versions so long as you're using the default editor. Modifying the stylesheet So you get an idea of
Tutorials, Tips, and Freebies. Update!: FREE Halloween Icons~ (8/4) / Christmas Icons~ (10/30)
My Profile | IMVU Message Katea | My Catalog Rules / Terms and Agreements: • No reselling, trading, giving away, editing/cropping to resell, or tracing of any files you see or download. • You are not allowed to save and resell or upload these
WCIF Product Pages and Icons
Can someone please point me in the directions of anyone you know who makes/sells product page layouts and icons ? Thanks!
Contact icons & Sticky, announcement, global announcement icons request
Request Type: Icons Website: Desired Colors: Colors just have to match site design and theme nicely Size (In Pixels): Not sure, use your discretion Image(s) to Include: Note: The following images are
Icons Mix background
b]Type of creation : [/b] Background Size of the image : 1.028px × 147px Font color : Nope Link to the font to be used : Text : Sub text : Background color : Transparent Any special effects to be added : i want it to look like an explosion of
Re-Styling a chatbox with CSS from scratch
Heelo, So I was using a custom styled AWC Chatbox before FM'S updates to the chatbox. After their updates it pushed the buttons out of view and hid them. It was styled using 'px' which I hear (even from coders and webmasters of paid sites) that 'px' ca
Review: EDGE (Wii U eshop)
Simple Yet Amazing! At first glance EDGE HD might look overly simplistic, however it is not! Find out what we thought of this complex puzzle platforming adventure by reading the rest of our review of the game! Gameplay And Controls: EDGE
Windows10 - 24 Tools
Windows 10 Login Background Changer Get WSUS Content.NET WFN (Windows Firewall Notifier) - Interesting Startmenu Personalization Panel for Windows 10 O&O ShutUp10 - More control over your operating system Getting brighter colors in Windows
Multiple users login
I have created around 100 users and I want to login all the 100 users at same time Is it posible using selenium IDE , ad on for firefox ? How can I install Selenium in my firefox 6 ? If its not possible using selenium IDE what
Getting Topic icons to appear in posts.
Hello everyone, Awhile back I requested assistance on getting my topic icons to appear in the posts in this topic: Ange very kindly provided with the a code to do this, however,
Silverlight forum icons
Font : Heydings Icons, Multimedia Icons, Web Tools Outline, Arial, Cataneo BT, AR Julian Download : Click to download These are some icons I made for the theme I'm working on. They can be used for topics and forums. If you want the editable files, th
Private Message Icons for your forums
Hey everyone! Before cleaning up my site I want to share a couple of cool private message icons with you I got installed on
MPA • Pantone's Gallery of Fantastic Icons & Banners
Going to spruce this area up in a bit. This is a collection of Icons & Banner that I have made in the past. Will be updating this with complete orders as they turn out. ^^ Spoiler:  Congrats on finding #Pikachu10 (Pikachu!) Next Clue
Login to twitter account
hi,  I have started my automation project since 2 days. I need to login to twitter account and verify or click on feedpost. While I am trying to login to twitter, it is taking me to "We gotta check are you human?" page. Since this page includes image
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