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Help PLZ.....Dynamic locator
Hi, Here is my situation. I am testing a web application. After recording my script with selenium IDE. the developer made changes to the application. So when i ran my script looks like most of the fields to enter text cannot be found. For example:
How to call selenium library function in suite.
Hi, I have written a library in java which has all the tests of selenium in library I have not called setUp(). The setup is in suite file where i have written code to call multiple tests from library in one function. The call goes to the library and
How to test dynamic ids using Selenium
I am new to Selenium. I was able to test static pages with selenium. But when it comes to dynamic i am getting stuck. The scenario in my case is like below.. I have a page where i am creating a new product. Once i enter the details and click on
Dynamic DIV Homepage
Welcome to the Dynamic DIV Homepage tutorial! Below will be the coding, the video instructions and a complimentary FAQ in case anything is unclear. Like it has been said before, if you have any questions or something is malfunctioning - please ask it. Use
How Click on Dynamic Objects at Dynamic Positions in Selenium using for loop
I have one table having four columns and dynamic rows. i want to click to the 4th cell of table which is link to the other page. Please help me. Thanks in advance. Pallavi
Dynamic webelement verification
Hi popsha:- The line in bold below is what i want to validate. <div id="main-content"> <div class="module-advert" style="overflow:visible"> <span class="corners-top"> <div
Microsoft Visual Debug C++ Library Error
Hello, Recently, I noticed when I right click on a folder in my computer, I get this pop-up When I click on 'Retry', my computer temporarily closes all my programs and a windows appears trying to 'solve' the problem, yet it has not found any
How to locate dynamic element
Dear all, I am new to use Selenium and I have problem about locating a dynamic element. Could you please help me? Thank you very much in advance. Here is my situation: I have the following button id of which is dynamic so I cannot use its fixed id. I
How to solve problem for dynamic ID changes using selenium
Hi guys, I executed the Test cases first time without any error. I am executing same test cases second time, its getting failed bcoz dynamic id is changed for element. For example Save button First Time :
Dynamic ID for iframe(Modal)
I am attempting to switch the focus to a modal whose idea contains a dynamically generated ID. This is in an iframe, but also a modal that pops up. Unfortunately I tried to switch to the active element and it is not able to find it. Anyone know how to
how to select checkbox whose id is not known or dynamic with selenium RC
Hi All, I need to select checkbox in the web application whose id is  appended dynamically,Can you please help me Thanks, Narender chary following is the html code snip from the web application --------------------------‹‹ <table
unable to find dynamic frame ids
if the id of a frame dynamically changes ,what is the standard procedure to catch the frame id
Dynamic element id's in WebDriver
Hi, Recently i started learing WebDriver as my client that i am working for is planning to use webdriver for automating the web applications. I have a doubt regarding how webdriver locates the elements on webpage whose id's are dynamically changing
How do i get the ID or Xpath of Text from Dynamic table?
Hi, I have a dynamic table that has 220 rows and 22 col , out of which there are 2 col named ( LID and SVal) .I have to get the Sval for LID =2345 1) Currently i have got the Rowcount ;Rowcount = 220 2) Get the LID for each row for (i
Locating dynamic IDs generated when a new Directory is created !
Dear Community, i'm Selenium Beginner and got a Problem. I began reading and using Selenium before 2 weeks and was amazed how much possibilities can be realizied with Selenium. But now i don't get on. My Situation: I want to test a ajax-based
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