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"driver switchto defaultcontent returning error when using..."

Hi, I'm working with selenium v2.0 and IE v8. I know about some issues in combination with IE v8, and one more of these is my own How can I switch into an inner frame to access and HTML element, when I have the following HTML
driver.switchTo().frame() causes Application to crash
Hi, I am using Selenium 2 and IE7. There are a lot of iframes present in the application I am testing. So I am using driver.switchTo().frame() method to switch between iframes. I also use driver.switchTo().defaultContent() before switching to an
Has Anyone Gotten Chrome Driver to Work with Windows 7?
FireFox and IE run fine in windows 7 but Chrome is a continual problem. I was getting the Aw Shucks window but I installed the standalone Chrome for all users and updated to the most current ChromeDriver. Now it brings up a chrome window that is blank
How to switch window in webdriver?
Can any one elaborate how to switch window in webdriver using C#. we have tried driver.SwitchTo().Window("titleName") but my window Title is same as parent window. so it switches to parent window besides another window. Thanks Sadik Ali
Open link in new tab using Chrome driver and C#?
Hi everyone, I'm having a problem getting Selenium to act as though a link was clicked to open it up in a new tab, rather than in a new window which the link defaults to. I'm using the Chrome driver and C# in visual studio. I know that in chrome
Error while using selenium over Xvfb (headless)
I have Ubuntu machine running Xvfb and Selenium server standalone (v2.20.0). I'm trying to run my test by phpunit with selenium. I can see by the log its start session and trying to open google chrome but the browser doesn't open and its stuck in this
How to hack selenium server to working with firefox latest version.
Hi Guys, This video will help you to hack the selenium rc server to work with latest firefox browser. As some user will found difficult to start firefox with selenium RC so learn the trick and be master of the selenium. for more help go to
chrome driver with selenium
Hi All I am not able to run sample program in Chrome browser using 'chrome driver' . I was added all chromerdriver jar files and start chromedriver.exe. 'Started chrome driver' is showing in command prompt and no errors in eclipse IDE. But while
using google chrome with selenium RC
Hi i have selenium RC server with me. i could launch IE and firefox using this but i need to launch safari and chrome as well. i am facing issue with this. kindly help Thanks
[error] Timed out after 30000ms
I'm doing some test case for this web application: Tudu List ( Login and Password typing actions are ok, all seems to work. But after the menu page is loaded and the test should click on a link as Quick Add, the
Selenium is not identifying iframes
Hi, I am unable to automate elements on some part of the page which is under iframe using selenium. but by using sahi(Automation Testing tool) i am able to automate.
[SOLVED] .net Framework 3.5 Dropdown Option "Activate" missing (latest version)
Hi there, hey winter seems that its a bug: The path is set correct and the files are complete! After creating the .iso the Framework option is not ticked! So not activated. Its necessary for me to have it activated because some setups of the post
Selenium RC with Google Chrome on Windows server 2008
Hi Friends, Greetings to all... I want to run selenium scripts on Google chrome browser parallely with other browsers like IE. I could do it successfully with IE and Firefox. However, when selenium launches Google chrome, and opens the Window/URL
Latest Version of VOS3000 for traffic Termination and Resell
Latest version of VOS3000 with web call back and DID callback (ANI) modules 1. Billing system for VOS3000 supplied separately 2. Powerfull System for Termination and Calling Cards issued 3. Installation and service by experienced Linknat
Selenium Latest Version 2.5.0 Can't Record unlike Selenium 1.10.0
I have a Recording problem in selenium IDE 2.6.0 (rarely catch button clicks ) , but It wasn't in Selenium IDE 1.10.0 Our Application using "liferay" , "JSF inside iframe inside portlettes" ;
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