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My favorite teacher died
I hope we all had a teacher like Mrs. D. The woman who believed in me when no one else did. I was a wild child. At home there was a lot of drinking and fighting. Partying to me was normal. I was suspended from school in 7th grade for having alcohol
Time travel(control) with Dr. David Anderson on Art Bell
A quick 'n dirty copy and paste: Time Technology & Research Joining Art Bell for the entire 4-hour program, physicist Dr. David Anderson discussed the state of time technology from his research, as well as other labs around the world. He recappe
Bret's Blog Gone? Sadly, No.
Is it too much to hope that that disgusting, foul creation has been removed? At present, all that can be seen is: Blog has been removed Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for
David Guest found dead Reality Star David Gest Found Dead In Hotel 16:28, UK, Tuesday 12 April 2016 Reality TV star and music producer David Gest has died, his friend Imad Handi said in a
Pictures to drool over
Haha, you knew it was coming!!!! You just didn't know when. Now me, Reamsie and INFP need an outlet. I expect to see David Tennant, Bono and who ever else in here. But we KNOW who silly old Blue is going to post. Now, this is a thread for both men and
Dr. David Biondi
Does anyone have any information about Dr. David Biondi in Boston?
Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 in 'Star Wars,' has died
Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 in 'Star Wars,' dead at 81 LONDON (AP) — Kenny Baker played the lovable droid R2-D2 in the "Star Wars" films, achieving cult status and fans' adulation without showing his face or speaking any lines. The 3-foot
Royle Family star Liz Smith has died aged 95
Confirming the actress passed away on Christmas Eve, a family statement read: “The BAFTA award-winning actress Liz Smith has died, on Christmas Eve, at the age of 95". Her death fiollows that of co-star, Caroline Aherne, early in the
British pop star George Michael, the musician who first shot to fame with the 1980s duo Wham!, has died
He died yesterday afternoon aged 53. RIP  George.   LL
Lovački nož
Napokon sam završio još jedan nož, po redu deseti. Namijenjen je kao lovački nož, ali ne samo za deranje kože, već nešto pola ovog, pola onog. Mnogo sam naučio kroz mukotrpan proces "trial i error-a". Krv mi je popio, no o tome nešto kasnije.
Professor David Canter Enters The Fray
The renowned expert has had one or two things to say about the McCann case on Twitter:!/ProfDavidCanter Prof David Canter ‏ @ProfDavidCanter Its taken too long 4 the police 2 accept that the obvious innocence of #MadeleineMcCan
David Byron-Take No Prisoners (1975)/Flac (image .cue)
David Byron-Take No Prisoners (1975)/Flac (image .cue) >
Express to numty: YES, YOU ARE A TROLL
Gerald Bentley 1 hr Rubber stamp number two - Dear Mr Bentley, Thank you for contacting the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) regarding your complaint about an article headlined “Online trolls pay Madeleine McCann libel detective’s lega
The GPU chip in my faithful old Famicom import died
My Japanese Famicom's GPU processor is fried should I have it repaired or import a new one?
Haters demonstrating UTTER STUPIDITY
Astounding that this convo is even taking place after yesterday's news, but then, haters never were very on the ball.. zodiac zephyr ‏@zodiaczephyr 2h2 hours ago Does any1 know why the interview with David Entwistle, Daniel Entwistle's father, was
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