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"d3 with calcium magnesium and zinc for migraines"

CAlcium/magnesium and zinc question
So I have had migraine/ aura on and off for about 20 years. I started calcium/mag/zinc at the request of my doctor, not for migraines but for bone health. I did not have one migraine for the year I took it. I just never bought anymore and soon after the
What is a "vasodilator"
I just read something on here about magnesium being a "vasoldilator". I am assuming, maybe incorrectly that it means the widening of the arteries in one way or another and I thought that was a good thing but after reading some of these posts
Penambahan kalsium part 3. Calcium tanpa reactor
Selanjutnya adalah calcium carbonate tanpa reactor. Mungkin terlihat sederhana, tapi tidak sesederhana itu Ada 2 cara untuk supply kalsium di reef tank kita menggunakan kalsium carbonate. Yang pertama adalah cara termudah, yaitu menggunakan kalsium
Tourettes and Migraines
I know this may sound a little out there but for the last couple of years I thought that my basilar migraines had something in common with tourettes. One of my symptoms is lower level or loss of consciousness - more of a slow fadeout sometimes with
re: magnesium - dosage?
For those taking magnesium - how much are you taking daily. Also, in divided doses? Or, all at once? Pills or powder?
Cara menggantikan Kalsium dan alkalinity yang diserap biota di reef tank
Halo, ketemu lagi   Mungkin kita semua tahu bahwa sebagian biota di aquarium kita akan menyerap kalsium, magnesium, carbonate, dan elemen lain dari air laut. Biota tersebut tidak hanya coral. Semua yang bercangkang dan memiliki eksoskeleton seperti
Calcium reactor
Ada yang bs share ttg calcium reactor?fungsi serta perawatannya?thx
Magnesium topically?
Anyone try applying magnesium solution directly to affected areas? I tried this last night. They say if it stings that you likely have a magnesium deficiancy, which I had already assumed as most migrainers do. It stung like a million stinging
Marine additives : DIY dosing kalsium, magnesium, dan carbonate
Hello... Kali ini adalah sesi memasak Ada yang request saya bagaimana cara membuat dosing an sendiri, OK akan saya share cara membuat dosing an big 3 sesuai resep Randy Holmes Farley yang sudah saya adaptasikan dikit biar lebih mudah dicoba di
magnesium chloride/mgcl2
jual magnesium klorida mgcl2 untuk menaikkan kadar magnesium dalam tank 1kg@20rb 5kg@18rb 10kg@15rb
New neuro and script for daily HA SPRIX Nasal Spray
My 25 year old daughter has been getting HA and M for two years . She was written a script for Sprix nasal spray, and verpamil a calcium channel blocker. The Sprix looks like it could help people. I hope it helps her as she is getting more M every month.
Non Medication Solutions?
Hi everyone. Can you please tell me what non-medication solutions you have found help your migraines? What tests have doctors run on your bloodwork? Vitamin levels? Hormone levels? Allergies? What results helped you? What vitamins do doctors
For sale Schuran calcium reactor (available)
For sale Schuran calcium reactor good condition Cp: 0818827218
Calcium reactor diy Vietnam
Hi, I am from Vietnam and I would like to share my diy project for calcium reactor. my hobby is to diy all thing possible in my tank system. The CR cost is about less than 40 buck. I have been running the CR for over a month and realize it is working
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