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Vitamin D Supplement = more headaches??
Hi, I have recently tried a new supplement, vitamin D 1000IU. I noticed many people here mentioned it helping their headaches, and also my doctor recommended I try it for my psoriasis. However, since I have been taking it, I have had a migraine and
Vitamin K2...
Hello: Is anyone taking Vitamin K2? I heard about it recenlty (TV) and have just googled it. Sounds interesting. Let me know. Thanks: G.
CAlcium/magnesium and zinc question
So I have had migraine/ aura on and off for about 20 years. I started calcium/mag/zinc at the request of my doctor, not for migraines but for bone health. I did not have one migraine for the year I took it. I just never bought anymore and soon after the
Leaky Gut Syndrome
I'm fairly new to this forum, but not new to migraines.  History on me is I have had M's since I was a teenager.  I am now 47.  My M's were almost all food related (cheddar cheese and wine being my worst triggers) and as long as I stayed away from my
anyone using butterbur like me beware not licenced in UK from Di
Experts warn herbal remedy butterbur can cause liver damage and even organ failure By LAUREN PAXMAN Last updated at 4:29 PM on 1st February 2012 Comments (2) Share "Dangerous remedy: No products containing butterbur (pictured) have been
Maca supplement....
Has any of you heard of this MACA supplement, tried it maybe, and if yes, with what success? I am desperate for the relief from hot flashes! I'd rather not take a HRT as I am prone to breast tumors
anyone tried seroquel for migraines?
I was just prescribed a low dose of it the other day after trying countless other migraine preventatives, but can't find much information about the use of this drug for migraines. I'm assuming my neuro has his reason, but I'd love to hear if others have
5-htp supplement
I was reading in a magazine the other day that 5-htp can help with migraines especially this time of the year as the days are getting shorter and we aren't getting as much sunlight. Apparently it helps with the seratonin levels that decrease during this
Migrelief Supplement
I was reading about the supplement MigreLief. I looked it up on Amazon and it had some good reviews. Has anyone here tried this? If so, did it help?
Migraines after car accident
Has this happened to anyone else? I had a car accident last fall. My migraines were extreme after the accident for awhile. They have gotten a lot better but I still wonder if the car accident made them worse. I have a lawsuit against the driver as he was
Are migraines always only one sided??
I have migraine with aura but lately my daughter has been getting the throbbing headaches, aching behind her eyes and nausea. She has had her sinuses/ears all checked and taken care of but the headaches continue. Hers is usually a pounding, throbbing on
Help with Refractory Migraines
My 17 yr old has had migraines for 5 years and it was totally under control using amitriptyline 40mg daily. In November her migraines evolved and in April we ended up in the hospital for a week after having a constant migraine for 2 weeks. They tried the
Migraines & Tachycardia
Hi all! I'm chugging right along with my Topamax and Relpax as prescribed. Topamax is helping with the daily pain...not as frequent, not as severe. Relpax...I'm still on the fence. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, last week I
Migraines and earthquakes - hey midwesterners been miserable lately?
Does anyone know if there is a connection between M and earthquakes? I know I've been absolutely miserable the last few days (I know there is medication issues but it's not all of it) and can't find a reason for it. Normally fronts do it, but I'm
Psychological Component to Migraines
Has anyone ever explored a psychological angle to their migraines? I'm about to go through deep counseling by a "real" psychologist to see if my crazy upbringing's baggage is the real root cause of my chronic daily headaches. I'm
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