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Headache specialist checkup
Went to the headache specialist for a check up. He says I'm doing fantastic. Only 1 migraine a month on average for the past 3 months. I go back in 4 months and if I'm still progressing this well, we'll start tapering off the meds 1 at a time so my
list of 10 headache treatment centers in US
supposedly the top ten
eye/ cluster headache won't go away- help
Hi All, This morning, I got a pretty bad cluster headache around my left eye. I put some ice on it and that helped for a while- it dulled and went away. Well, early this afternoon, the eye headache came back- nothing helped- ice, medicine, I finally
Neurological Headache Classes?
My PCP has aked me, if I want to attend a Neurological Headache Class: I am with Kaiser. Has anybody attended one? If so, what can I expect? My problem, the drive (45 minutes) on a good day is Ok, but a not so good day, it's too far. And sitting
Has anyone read "Heal Your Headache" please?
Anyone, Tried the 1-2-3 Program and got anywhere with it please. Have had the book months, but because I find reading so hard, not got into it. Should I put my head through it? Is it worth it??
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