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Stealing content from my blog
Hello, everybody! As you know I have a personal blog. Since I started writing about a very popular tv historical series in my country, some people have been copy/pasting the articles from my blog, on their Facebook pages, without my permission and
verify the page content in pop up window
how do i verify whether the page is opened properly in popup window or not using selenium RC with Java.

Is this question for real, or are you just here to sell steroids and other stuff from the spammy links you post under your name? I'd really like to know.
Any Hope?!
Hi, I'm new. Not new to migraines, but new here. I am a 28 year old female, mother of 2 toddlers. I have had migraines ever since I can remember, they have changed everything about my life, not in a positive way. Both if my parents suffered from
Got my new canoe
It's a 12' Sevylor Colorado and it holds 400 Lbs. The material is the same they use on the Zodiac boats. We have dozens of lakes around here so as soon as the weather permits it time to start paddling. I am also only 25 miles from the far south end Of
Another arrrrghhh
This was in Prevention magazine this month: Get rid of messy sticky notes on your desk In 2 minutes: Head off a migraine Pull those sticky notes off your computer and straighten that stack of papers on your desk. The same clutter that's merely a
Tasing someone with a gun
Pretty dumb question, but thought I'd put it out there.  If you were to taze someone who's finger was on a primed gun, they would most likely pull the trigger as they tense up, right? If you guys have experience with taser effects on the body, what tends
Can Selenium go to the Email Box and get the Content
I have been using Selenium RC for testing my web application and part of my application flow when the user clicked on the button the confirmation code will be generated and send it to the user email and with the received email the user has to to enter the
Celebrations Around The World
Title: Celebrations Around The World Address: Language: English with Google Translate Brief Description: A forum where members can learn about the different celebrations that occur around the world.
Besoins des étudiants
Bonjour chers étudiants grenadins, Ici, les étudiants qui souhaitent se perfectionner inscriront les 5 cours qu'ils désirent par ordre de priorité. Cette procédure est utile afin d'établir les cours qui doivent être dispensés. Il est TRES important de
Net neutrality is dead
Linku:,0,522106.story#axzz2qRJ7VJ29 Net neutrality is dead. Bow to Comcast and Verizon, your overlords Advocates of a free and open Internet could see this coming, but today's
How do I move the log in content block to the top?
I'm wondering how to get that Log In content block to the top (just like on FMD). The current placement is at the bottom. I've tried the old widget trick using <div></div> but that doesn't work with Edge(!), or so it seems. It's just a questio
My life is a disaster....
On the 21st last month, I was sexually attacked by a friend of the family. I wound up jumping out of a moving car and walking home barefoot on the expressway. After that, I ran away. Don't even know what I was doing really, just needed to get the hell out
escapeVektor (3DS eShop) review
© 2011, 2012 Nnooo Available now on the Nintendo 3DS (XL) eShop Publisher and Developer: Nnooo Players: 1 player (1 save file) Genre: Retro / Arcade Price: $9.99 escapeVektor: Chapter 1 was the only chapter available on WiiWare last year
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