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'Ex-cop earned hundreds of thousands from writing distortions and conspiracy theories' Former Madeleine McCann police chief ‘earned hundreds of thousands from
In Honor of the 49 Florida Orlando Gay Nightclub Massacre Victims
Words can't describe the events that took place last Sunday on June 12,2016 where a evil man would take the lives of over 49 people and injuring 53 more the man named Omar is probably one of the most hated man in US history for his hate crime against the
Florida nightclub shooting: Two dead and 16 injured in Fort Myers
master legend in the Orlando weekly upholding the real life super heroes
Fatal shooting at Munich shopping centre: reports Several people have been killed in a shooting at a shopping centre in Munich, local media are reporting. Bayerische Rundfunk are reporting that shots have been fired at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum in
'What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?'
Thanks to Myths for spotting this excellent piece: What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax? Sandy Hook father Lenny Pozner is one of too many parents painfully familiar with
Rebekah Brooks Arrested!!!
Rebekah Brooks arrested!
Stabbing pain behind ear!
Can anyone relate to what is happening to me? All day I have had a stabbing pain behind my ear, it happens sporatically. And now by the end of the day, my head is so very tender there when I touch it. I looked up cluster headaches, and it doesn't
Pain on brow bone
Excuse brevity here.. Triptan 3 hours ago still not worked. Pain is on brow bone (eyebrow), not uncommon for me but I find it so hard to deal with there. Does anyone else get it there please? Found anything to help?
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