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Firewall Blocks Wireless Internet
Hey, I already had a net-book and a desktop that both run wireless network on windows 7 no problem but I bought an HP Presario CQ56 Notebook PC (laptop) and I found that it will connect to my network (at home) but in 'limited' access which means I
LAN adaptor for TV can't connect to internet
I have a specified LAN adaptor for my TV which I've entered the encryption code. Which was allowed. My TV tells me i'm connected,but when I click on it it say's it can't be found. I've tried many avenues to fix this but still no results. Do I have t
Ares won't connect
I downloaded ares, and it wouldn't connect today. I tried everything, changing my folder, my username, nothing worked. Any suggestions?
[SOLVED] Problems whit Hide Wireless Setup
Dear, I have a little problem whit Winreducer 8.1 v1.15 when i  want to use Hide wireless setup. What do i have do: First i have created a xml file whit WinReducer Wlan Profile Backup Restore and then select that file by the hide wireless setup. When
How to Disable Windows Hidden Administrative Shares
How to Disable Windows Hidden Administrative SharesAdministrative shares are hidden network shares created by Windows NT family of operating systems that allow system administrators to have remote access to every disk volume on a network connected system.
Unable to connect to host on port 7055
Hi All, when i try to run the script using eclipse it is displaying the below mentioned error Error: "Unable to connect to host on port 7055" kindly let me know how to resolve this issue thanks in advance
NSA chief wants to protect 'critical' private networks
NSA chief wants to protect 'critical' private networks. The head of the National Security Agency (NSA) said that the U.S. military should have the authority to defend "critical networks" from malware and other disruptions. A Senate proposal
Connection to internet only after restarting
My desktop computer that is hard wired into our wireless modem does not connect until the computer is restarted. The laptop that's connected via a wireless connection works all the time. I turn the desktop on and it can't find the internet connection so
Jebao Wavemaker RW (wireless sync)
8 Different Flow Rate Super Silent. Can Standalone Operation on One Pump or Wireless   Easy installation and maintenance.   Magnetic bracket   Night sensor - automatically detects when tank lights go out and slows the pump.   One-touch
Can't download windows 7 updates (VIP Member)
Dear sir,  Every time I click search on update downloader shows error (unable to connect to the server, please try again later)  Can you please help me  Regards
[SOLVED] Can't connect to updates server???
How do I get updates if Server offline? Regards.
[IMPLEMENTED] Join a Domain + Wifi Setup For Unattended Access
You have it so that we can join the computer to a WORKGROUP, but not a domain. Can you make an option so that we can specify the domain to add a computer to for Unattended access? Secondly, you have an option to allow Wireless config for Unattended
unable to connect the IWebdriver app to the local network
I am trying to automate testing on iPad using C# through the mono project on mac. The iWebDriver app so installed on the iPad simulator is unable to connect to websites on the local network. I tried doing so with the safari browser in the simulator , and
Hidden Beach Resort Vacation Contest
Enter SweepstakesInvite Friends Prize Details One lucky winner will be drawn at random and win a three night stay to Hidden Beach Resort, the only luxurious all-inclusive nudist resort in the Mexican Caribbean. Sweepstakes Starts August 30
Toshiba Recovery Partition & Hotkey + Instructions
This tutorial will show you how to restore your Toshiba computer and the system back to it's factory settings. Note that all your files and data will be deleted. 1. Restart the computer. 2. Repeatedly tap the F8 key until you see the Advanced
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