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"cannot update malwarebytes database"

Can not update malwarebytes
I can not update my malwarebytes. I get an error code 732. What does this mean?
Windows 10 ESD Database Update Log in case anybody was wondering
selenium with database testing
Hi, Can any one tell me how to test database with selenium as i am testing java application, pls give me some links or some examples as i am new to this testing,waiting for your quick reply.
Gang Tag Database
After the success of the Oracle Project, I'm getting more involved in research for a few of you. I'm doing a research project for several RLSH needing help with gang tag identification. As I have categorized tags from the Kansas City Meetup in 2009
How can i store all the commandsused by rc in a database??
Hi all i am trying to generate a custom report for that i need to store all the rc commands or selenium ide commands in a database.pls share any suggestion or solution
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware can't remove Backdoor.Bot
Hi Friends, I met a problem using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. I downloaded it and used it to scan my system (windows vista home premium). Firstly, I got 13 infected files and then I removed all of them sucessfully. But "Backdoor.Bot" came ove
File Not Found - mbamnet / Setup Access Denied - Malwarebytes Install Failure
I have attached the OTL.txt/Extras.txt/aswMBR.txt log information in a MS Word document. When I tried to copy / paste the contents, I was advised the message was too long.
Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunTask.a detected
Hi, Two objects were detected by Kaspersky: system memory Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunTask.a and file Trojan.script.startpageTask.a: "c:\windows\system32\Tasks_migrated\cFos\Registration Tasks\open Browser MBAM scan came up clean. Edge doesn't work an
database connectivity
Hi, I'm submitting a form through my test suite. As per my test plan, form should be submitted & if insert query goes smooth, a row should be added in my db. How can I test whether a row is really added or not? How can I check the error, if
Pick up a database value
I made a test case with Selenium IDE that makes 25 addresses using a while-loop; starting with housenumber 1. What I actually would like is that the maximum housenumber is picked up from the database, so we can reuse this case endlessly. In SQL:
Windows 7 SP1 x86 update list
Method:   Original install then Windows Update; Disk Cleanup, Get list of installed IDs and compare with previous month Updated 8th May 2015 - 186 Updates Step 1   (in this order)   2670838        (Platform Update)   2841134        (IE
getting info from mysql database
What I need to do is: I am testing a website where users can submit different ideas on a specific subject. On the home page I have a with the most discussed ideas ( ideas with the most comments). The thing is that the function for the most discussed
Windows 7 SP1 x64 update list
Method:   Original install then Windows Update; Disk Cleanup, Get list of installed IDs and compare with previous month Updated 8th May 2015 - 187 Updates Step 1   (in this order)   2670838        (Platform Update)   2841134        (IE
KB3140768 cumulative update fail (windows update)
Anyone got any hints or tips why the KB3140768 cumulative update fails with windows update. Every non-critical update works fine. Windows is having problems finalizing the updates and does a system roll-back afterwards. These are the
insert data from mySQL database into a table
(sorry for the bad post, i'm not on my laptop. I'll make sure to edit it asap when i'm on laptop) If ok so i have this code Code:// SOME CODES HERE INSERT INTO "mydb" VALUES "db1" echo SELECT * from mydb i know it's a
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