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greetingz weblingz
What's up yall!? I remember when I first registered to this site back in May-2011 when it was just Blue and white. Around the time we were having that Best of Forumotion contest and we all lost to a pregnancy support website :~P HAa! I just wanted
Are emails dying?
Guys, Do you think email are dying due to excessive use of social media, IMs, mobile apps and forums etc. I think people used to use emails much more in past years but now most of us use social media sites, instant messengers etc to contact each
Has anyone tried staying awake all night?
Tonight, probably like last night, I finally go to bed with a much less painful head.... I think I need to become nocturnal.... When I awake tomorrow, unless some miracle happens, I shall have a level 9/10 migraine to deal with. I have no idea what
Voting - Signature Contest [RESULT ANNOUNCED]
Voting - Signature Contest Vote for your favorite signature! Hello everyone So the submissions end; and here starts the voting. THough we have only 2 entries in the contest of designing a signature. We'll do voting for the best one. Here ar
Hardest part in learning web design?
What do you thing is the hardest thing to learn in web designing? As per me, the most difficult thing is to achieve cross-browser compatibility. What about you?
can i make the poster details in the topic above the topic
Hello for all here how can i make the poster details in the topic above the topic i use phpb 2
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