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How to capture the alert message in Selenium IDE
I am stuck with capturing the alert message. The Scenario is: I have a form with input fields like CaseType(listbox), Lab(listbox), LastName(txtbox), FirstName(txtbox)... along with couple of other fields as well. After entering all the fields,
How to capture dialog box & pop up alert message using Selenium IDE
Hi all, Currently i'm using selenium IDE in my projects. but I can't capture the dialog box objects & pop up alert messages using the IDE. Can anyone help out to me in this. Thank you Dhinesh D
how to handle an Alert message
Hi, I am new to selenium and automation. In our applications we have an alert msg used..getalert() Once the record is added ,we get an alert msg saying record added with ok button.When i am recording this event of clicking on oK button on the alert
Alert message before closing a new post form
Alert message before closing a new post formHello members,DescriptionAsk before closing a new post pageSet upVery simple, just add this Javascript code in your javascript panel:Code:$(function() {   var t =
Sharp, throbbing pain behind ear (NOT IN EAR)
Hello!! Anyone ever have a stabbing, throbbing pain BEHIND right ear. . . I can actually feel the throbbing. . . I have this pain along with facial and right eye pain. . . I feel like yanking everything out and. . . . . . .I lay in bed for 3-5 days in a
selenium Rc code in python to capture alert message!!!!
Hi Please any give solution to capture alert message in python self.assertEqual("saved successfully", sel.get_alert()) I have an error like this "No alert Found"[b] Thanks Manju
Security Alert with yes, no, view certificate button
Hi, one of the selenium user faces the following problem: I am using selenium rc with testNG java. I am a new user of selenium.When I upload my test URL it is giving me a security alert in iexplore. Can anyone provide me the code to handle this
Sharp pain in my right eye
I have been having a migraine for 2 and a half weeks and there's a sharp pain behind my right eye. It hurts when I push on it. It also hurts when I move my eye. Has anyone else had this pain with their migraine? It is mostly a dull pain unless I put
Win a Sharp Tv!'s "Big Is Too Small a Word" Contest Official Rules No Purchase Necessary 1. Eligibility: The Sharp's "Big Is Too Small a Word" Contest ("Contest") is open to
Few Codes required
I need few codes to solve all these problems Problem 1 I want to center the banner and remove the text. I tried to Header in ACP and still it didnt
How to click CANCEL in confirmation box
Hi all, Can anyone suggest how to handle the confirmation box for clicking the CANCEL button in selenium WEBDRIVER... Thanks in advance, Suman.p
Error with Alert
When I recorded an script with alerts the Selenium IDE save the command assertAlert with the message of that alert in target. When I play this script this command fails and the button OK isn't pressed! Both in Selenium IDE or Selenium
2010: My year for The Migraine Problem: Now Gabapentin (Neurontin)
First, I know it's 2011, but I really thought that I could find a 'solution' to my migraines in just one year. (I started seeing a doctor for migraines again in January 2010.) I now have a prescription for Gabapentin but I haven't started a single on
Alert handling (Java)
Hello, I've been working with Selenium in Java, and have come across a question for which the JavaDocs are wanting. For the getAlert() method, the docs say that if an alert is not detected, the method "fails". What is the failure behavior?
Not able to click on "OK" in Alert box
Hi All, I am new to selenium and now am trying Selenium IDE and stuck at " HOW TO CLICK ON "OK" IN ALERT BOX", 1. This step not recorded using selenium IDE. 2. I have tried using assertAlert, verifyAlert, ...etc but no luck. 3. In my
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