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Breaking News: Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Is Set To Hit The 3DS eShop On February 18th In North America!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pocket Keyboard! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ According to a listing on Nintendo of America's website Abylight Games will be releasing a new music
[ANSWERED] How to Integrate Win 7 SP1 and updates that are not MSU files
Hi guys, Sorry, but I'm a newbee here. I have a Windows 7 ISO from 2009 and I wanted to slipstream as many updates as I can. For starters, the question is how do we integrate Windows 7 SP1? As for the rest, all the updates with MSU files are
black ops 2- program can't start becaluse buddha.dll is missing on your computer
Hi,I have a problem my black ops 2 game was working fine but this time when I tried to start it I got this message. please say you can help! thanks dobynsd
Removing .nls Files Discussion
Torrentus wrote:I already did the complete Keyboard Language Layouts list here: /t866-windows-10-remove-list#7710 nice, have you also a list for the .nls files ?
Do lights from electronic equipment bother you?
On my desk, is a small computer - a tiny green LED glows when it is on, and the scroll wheel of the mouse glows blue. An external backup drive, when on, has a much larger green LED. The small television/monitor has an LED which glows red when off, and blu
program to provide total number of objects present / available on the page
import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*; @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") public class objectcount extends SeleneseTestCase { public void setUp() throws Exception { setUp("","*firefox"); } public void
I downloaded and installed Selenium WebDriver Jar files in my Eclipse, but still i am facing issues and couldn't run the webdriver scripsts.
Hi, I tried out the sample prog in selenium webdriver. the code is this, import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver; import org.openqa.selenium.firefox.FirefoxDriver; public class Test_App { /** * @param args */ public static
program in eclipse
import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*; @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") public class login extends SeleneseTestCase { public void setUp() throws Exception { setUp("","*firefox"); } public void
Freeware Program Collection
I thought that it would be pretty cool to make a collection of one of the best and up to date freeware programs for Windows and share it with everyone!  Many people would be interested and with the help of other users we could make the ultimate list. I a
LocalFileDetector (uploading files) - InternetExplorer Driver (Java platform)
Hi all, Currently working with Selenium to automate integration tests. I'm trying to write a functional test that uploads an XLS file. After digging on the internet for a solution, I saw that when you invoke the sendKeys() method on an WebElement, i
Optimizations - Windows WinSXS Files Cleanup (EXTREME)
Hello all, We could discuss here about folders and files which could be removed from the WinSXS and NET Framework folders to reduce even more Windows 8.1 ... EXPERIMENTAL BUILD (Skydrive link) : This my list of folders and
[SOLVED] Program Compatibility Assistant
Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 x64 WinreducerEX100 Apperently something is deleting "werconcpl.dll", required for the "Program Compatibility Assistant", which its needed for the Microsoft tool "Show or hide
Windows 10 Tech Bench Upgrade Program Documentation
Download Includes: 2 Tech Bench Scripts Steps for Creating an installation USB stick Installation Guide for Existing PCs Installation Guide for New PCs User Quick Start Guide for Existing PCs User Quick Start Guide for New PCs End
[INACTIVE] NetUtils2016: PC badly affected after installing program
Hi, I had installed a program,(Glarysoft Malware Hunter) that was given to me,and 24 hours later i am still having major problems. I have a desktop running Windows 10 home. When installing the program, I unclicked all of the unwanted options that cam
Program:Vista---Highjacked browers,main web pages, etc...nothing fixes it
Hi- I have previously posted about this issue but I have such problems getting re-directed it's difficult to download programs. My computer has various virus-related issues that are on-going and getting progressively worse. The other day I restored the
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