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C++ - Example of Bubble Sort
Code:#include <iostream> using namespace std; void sort(int ar[], int size) {     int temp;     for(int i = 0; i < size; i++)         for(int j = 0; j < size -
Bubble Bobble Plus
Fun with bubbles! The popular arcade game is back and better then ever!! Over the years Bubble Bobble has drawn people into arcades with its charm and co-op. The objective of Bubble Bobble Plus is simple. Clear all enemies in each of the small
Bubble Bobble Plus WiiWareWave Bubble Poppers!
I'm creating this club to have some friendly competition and to discuss how to get high scores among other general Bubble Bobble Plus discussions.
How to Sort List
Details Steps are below. 1. Opened Ebay Site 2. Searched for LED TV 3. Captured prices of the results     List uiAllPrices = oBrowser.findElements(By.xpath("//td[@class='prc']/div//div[@itemprop='price']/span")); For example: If 3 types of LED TV's
how to sort date in selenium
i have 6 months experience in selenium. how to sort date using selenium RC and script Thanks SRILATHA.
Pendaflex Sort It Out Giveaway *canada and usa only* Prize Details A Sort It Out Kit Prize Eligibility Only persons residing in Canada and United States who are at least 18 years of age can enter. Sweepstakes Starts August 08, 2011 @
Pendaflex Sort It Out Giveaway *1 day canada and usa only* Prize Details A Sort It Out Kit Prize Eligibility Only persons residing in Canada and United States who are at least 18 years of age can enter. Sweepstakes Starts August 01, 2011 @
Jual Skimmer Bubble Magus BNIB (brand new in box) punya customer..(Sold)
permisi reefer" sekalian,kali ini mau nawarin protein skimmer merk bubble magus.. barang baru ga pernah pakai,masih plastikan semuanya.. dijual karena mau ganti skimmer merk lain.. garansi 3 bulan ya buat pompa aja,dijamin barang baru bisa liat di
Protein Skimmer Bubble Magus Seperti Baru (Sold)
Bagi rekan-rekan reefer yg lagi butuh protein skimmer, saya jual merk Bubble Magus Curve-7. baru dipakai 1 minggu, kondisi seperti baru. Alasan jual, karena mau upgrade. Saya jual murah. Posisi saya di Banyuwangi-JATIM. Untuk daerah Jawa Timur bebas
Pain in the heart area
I've been getting sharp pains in the heart area lately. Like when I bend into the fridge or get up from my desk. It feel like a bubble that needs to burst or something. Real sharp and I hold my breath or take breath shallow and wait until it passes.
I have some sort of malware linked to an antivirus scam
My other laptop (running windows 7) began coming up with an antivirus alert last night that keeps popping up saying "antivirus software alert" and directs my attention to nugel.e as the infected file. If I click to "protect" my
Protein Skimmer Bubble Magus Curve 7 bekas 99% (Sold)
permisi agan-agan,para reefer,mimin dan momod.. mau numpang jualan lagi ya .. kali ini mau menawarkan Protein Skimmer Merk Bubble Magus Type Curve 7.. pemakaian cuma 1 minggu dibuat pembanding skimmer merk lain.. daripada mubazir ga kepake akhirnya mau
Free imaginary diagnosis room
So since there's something wrong with everyone, let's start handing out free imaginary diagnosises. Post a comment, and get a free diagnosis, give a diagosis to the comment above yours. Rules: - It has to be a diagnosis that doesen't exist - It ha
[jQ plugin] zzConfirm - confirmation bubble - Tạo bong bóng xác nhận khi click
jQ plugin: zzConfirm Ver 0.1 Tác giả: Zzbaivong Chức năng: zzConfirm giúp bạn tạo một bong bóng xác nhận khi click vào một đối tượng. Giao diện zzConfirm Cài đặt: Xem thông tin và cập nhật mới nhất tại:
Active Shooter Scenario Strategies
I just received this link on another list and was wondering what you folks would think. It's an alternative to the more passive "hide and wait" approach. -Rook
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