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Selecting values in a drop down triggered by mouse over
Hi, I have a link in a web page which upon mouse over opens a drop down. I have to select a particular value among the values from the drop down. I tried using "Select" command. but i got the following error : Specified element is not a Select (has no
Send email automatically
I want to send an email (from outlook) automatically from script when smoke test is compelted. Please share the java code which can be used in Selenium.
Event is not fired with IDE
Hi, I have a checkbox & input textbox. By default checkbox is checked & textbox is invisible. Onchange of checkbox, textbox appears if checkbox is not checked (and) textbox disappears if checkbox is checked& When I manually test,
Mini-pill - progesterone only trial
Well I tried this for a month. My own trial, thinking that this might be a better birth control pill option, thinking that a steady dose of progesterone would be benificial over estrogine spikes. I got 1/3 more migraines. I'm going back to Yasmin.
In Selenium RC, when input box is triggered, selenium log window gets focussed .
Hi, I am working on Selenium Rc with Java and Junit. I have an application in which the user needs to register. There is a captcha field. I am generating an input box to let the user type the captcha code and using that value in the application.
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