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Update Breaking News: EA Pulls Support For Wii U and 3DS Might Develop For Nintendo Again in The Future!
Goodbye Forever...? EA has confirmed with Kotaku and other websites that they have no games under development on the Wii U or 3DS and that they have no current plans to release more games on the consoles. Are you upset that games such as Madden
Breaking News: All Nintendo Network Services Are Now Fully Functional.
A sigh of relief: Nintendo of America has taken to Twitter and announced that all of their Nintendo Network services are now running normally and that they do not expect any more issues but will keep a close eye on the situation. Nintendo of Americ
Breaking News: SEGA Is In Serious Financial Trouble And Will Be Downsizing or Shutting Down Many of Their Entertainment Divisions
Even Sonic Is Worried About The Fate of His Creators! Yikes there's been breaking news this morning and it's not looking good for SEGA or any of their sister companies and partners as SEGA SAMMY has announced that they will be scaling back or
Breaking News: Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Is Set To Hit The 3DS eShop On February 18th In North America!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pocket Keyboard! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ According to a listing on Nintendo of America's website Abylight Games will be releasing a new music
Nintendo Network Will Connect To EA Origin!
Registration Required! If you plan on playing online games with your Wii U we have some news to share with you. It has been announced that you will have to create an EA origins account and link it to your Nintendo Network account if you wish to pla
Nintendo Direct - North American and European News (21/06/12)
NOTE: some videos and some news might be posted later. North American News Click here if you can't see the video in here 3DS News - 3DS LL is the 3DS XL in North America - coming in Red and Blue, bundled with 4GB SD card - due out in N
Breaking News: Standard New 3DS Is Coming To North America Via. Animal Crossing Bundle!
New 3DS Standard Edition Makes Its Debut! Nintendo has announced that they will be offering a standard model 3DS in North America as part of a bundle with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. The package will include the New 3DS, the game, two
LINI News Update
LINI News Update LINI Aquaculture Training Centre (LATC) Breeding the banggai cardinalfish (BCF) We are currently rearing 80 juvenile Blue Tang Surgeonfish ([size=14]Paracanthurus hepatus) at the LINI Aquaculture and Training Centre
Nintendo Direct - North American News
In this morning, nintendo has released their Nintendo Direct presentation for Japan, Europe and North America, but we're only focusing for North American news right now. This video includes: Dillon's Rolling Western - Detailed information - No
Breaking News: Wave 2 of Amiibos spotted at Toys R Us!
An early release? More of a personal story, but today I was shopping for Amiibos to buy I dropped by Toys R Us and found the wave 2 Amiibos available for purchase! Remember these haven't been "officially" released, but I believe every wave 2 Amiibo was
Work on already opened web browser
Hi, I am new to selenium, and learned that to work on any object of browser I got code something like this : WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); String urlgo = new String(); urlgo =
Update on Attorney Meeting re ex's screw up - Pretty Good News !!
Hi guys, I decided to create a new post - hope you all don't mind. And, it's long, but, please, please, read!! I was very nervous going to see this attorney. My boyfriend recommended him, used him for his divorce, plus an Engineer at work knew of
*Update Videos* Nintendo Direct 10/25/2012
Today wasn't a good day for Wii U, revealing that Nintendo will be selling at a loss for each system sold and also their decision of releasing 2 more Wii bundles during the holidays. Tomorrow, however, will be a great day for 3DS. Not only will multiple
My Top 10 Nintendo News Stories of 2011/2012
Four days ago I was sitting at the computer, the same way I always do everyday. Today was different though I was trying to think of a news article to write for Wiiwarewave while simultaneously thinking of a new list I wanted to write for So
How do I make the login popup show an Image, instead of it's bland colors
Okay, so, I guess it says it all, I'm not very good at CSS codes, but I know it requires a CSS codes to do so. How do I make it show an Image instaid of a color. Also, off topic, but how do I enable HTML for the entire forum?
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