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Update on Wasabi mustard for instant migraine relief
I wrote about this some weeks ago, so I wanted to provide an update. I've identified a pattern in my headache occurrence. I can go the a couple of weeks with no headache whatsoever, but then the thought " I've been feeling pretty good for a
Somatic Treatment For Headache Relief?
Has any body tried Somatic treatment and Somatic exercises for their headaches? Here is a web site that explains this approach:
Headaches that are not from a migraine
For us who get migraines , how would you be able to tell if it was something else besides a m? I get so many headaches and I`m so use to them. I always think what if it was something else like what Brett Micheals has and I just ignored it thinking that
Has anyone tried capsaicin for headache/neckache relief?
I browse around on PubMed a lot looking for compounds that have been tried for migraines. I noticed that capsaicin (the stuff that makes chile peppers spicy) has been tried with some success for both migraine and cluster headaches. I decided to give it
Tramadol for migraine headache:
Migraine headache is a neurological disease characterized by altered bodily perceptions, severe headaches, and nausea. Migraine is a severe painful headache, throbbing vascular headache caused by nerve cell production of pain signals. Migraine headaches
Abortants for Silent Migraine/Chronic Daily Headache?
I'm 25 years old and trying to do my PhD in chemistry. I've had headaches and other migraine symptoms pretty much constantly for the past 18 months. It started out as dizziness, then became headaches and generally feeling crap. I was initially diagnose
Hydrocodone as a treatment
I was wondering how many of you felt about Hydrocodone for your migraines. I am only using it right now as a last resort (because of the expense of my Relpax <rescue med>. My nuerologist told me that people who use a narcotic to reduce the pain of
Having GREAT success with Doxepin
I started on Doxepin a couple months ago and can't believe the change in my life. Going from M's almost everyday to 3-4 a month. Doxepin is a old school tri-cyclic antidepressant used for depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. The recommende
does valium help anyone?
SSince its been a year of constant pain I am considering taking valium as an occasional relief for the less severe pain. If I want to maybe start going out for the day with a friend or something since I can't take the edge off with steam pans if I'm out
Low-Dose Naltrexone
A friend has suggested I look into the use of low-dose naltrexone for treatment of my intractable chronic migraines. I'm not finding much solid evidence of its successful use in treatment of chronic migraine. Does anyone have any experience with or
list of 10 headache treatment centers in US
supposedly the top ten
Migraine with aura but no headache/stroke risk?
I have a history of migraine with aura but no headache or just a minor what if I do. The auras are scary enough and I have had two in the last two months. What I am wondering is, if anyone knows if there is a relationship between this type of headache and
Benadryl? Why?
I was a member of a FB migraine page for a brief time recently, and I noticed that almost everyone takes Benadryl (in addition to other meds) when a M strikes. I had never heard of Benadryl for Ms before. I asked twice, but no one ever answered. Does
Headache return(daily)--Medrol dose pack question
Hello: it has been a long time (years) since I have posted on a Migraine discussion forum--I think I used to post on older version of this page. My headaches got well under control and I felt it would be good for me not to be thinking/writing about them
jaw pain with migraine
Does anyone else get bad jaw pain along with migraines? If so, I'm curious to know how you and your doctor have treated the pain. Even when I get some parts of my migraine under control, the jaw pain seems to never go away. Most neurologists don't seem to
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