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"Bowen Therapy Scam"

Anyone tried Bowen Therapy?
I've been looking into natural/alternative remedies (albeit sceptically), and have found a lot of websites claiming that Bowen Therapy offers relief for migraines. This page ( describes a study of 3
infusion therapy- does it work?
Hi all, I'm going in to my doctor's office next week for 3 days of infusion therapy (what a way to spend vacation, but I'll be happy if it does something). Apparently this is supposed to help reprogram my brain and stop the cycle of my migraines. Has
Brain Based Therapy
Have you ever heard of it? Have you heard of it working for anyone? There's a doctor in my area that I am getting a free evaluation with on Wednesday. He's a chiropractor but he says he focuses on Brain Based Therapy more and uses chiropractic tools
Phone scam
This morning I received a phone call on my cell phone from someone claiming to be with UPS. He said that there was a package for me from Publishers Clearing House and wanted to know if I would be home this afternoon. He had what I think was a
Anyone found physical therapy to be helpful?
My neuro sent me to see a physical therapist and had my first appointment yesterday.....very nice man - did a very thorough evaluation. He thinks the way I hold my head (tilted up slightly) may be compressing some nerves and contributing to the occipital
sterling bux is scam
sterlingbux is also a scam site. i already registered on it.
Jury Duty Scam
I received the below from a friend and did check it out first... spread the word. _________________________________________________________________ This has been verified by the FBI (their link is also included below). Please pass this on to everyone
Microsoft Phishing Scam
I just received a call from someone claiming to be from MS alerting me to problems with my computer, viruses, warning messages etc. This caller gained access to my computer then showed me all my problems and wanted $300 to install remedial software. i
I have some sort of malware linked to an antivirus scam
My other laptop (running windows 7) began coming up with an antivirus alert last night that keeps popping up saying "antivirus software alert" and directs my attention to nugel.e as the infected file. If I click to "protect" my
New adventures in hormone therapy
As many of you know, I have been taking a combination of bio-identical progesterone (200 mg), vitamin D (5000 ug) and magnesium (400 mg) for 3 years now. It brought my migraine frequency down from 80% to 20%. I started getting chronic daily headaches at
Gonzo fan club hold Stupid Contest over Wayback
We have a winner, folks! Louise ‏@siamesey  3h3 hours ago @_DarkMavis @PhilipIndigo I will bet the house #McCann PURCHASED @missingpeople back in 07 to launder $$$. #FRAUD
This has appeared on the Morais blog: Oporto PJ goes through Madeleine McCann case with a fine toothed comb 9 MARCH 2012 | POSTED BY JOANA MORAIS LEAVE A
testosterone replacement and migraines
The question has come up as to whether low testosterone in men is associated with migraines. In my case, I think it is the other way around. Over a decade ago my T-level was tested and found to be high normal. My doctor was concerned because at the tim
ETC (electro-shock) Treatments
I've recently had it suggested to me (by a friend of a friend) that ETC treatments may help my headaches. I have friends who have had them for psychiatric reasons & have lost parts of their memories. (1 has short term memory issues for a few months
is safe?
like I just created an account there and I'm wondering if it is safe to do that? If i go and download my own files is that safe? Is it a safe internet program?
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