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"bone between my eyes hurt"

Pain on brow bone
Excuse brevity here.. Triptan 3 hours ago still not worked. Pain is on brow bone (eyebrow), not uncommon for me but I find it so hard to deal with there. Does anyone else get it there please? Found anything to help?
eye/ cluster headache won't go away- help
Hi All, This morning, I got a pretty bad cluster headache around my left eye. I put some ice on it and that helped for a while- it dulled and went away. Well, early this afternoon, the eye headache came back- nothing helped- ice, medicine, I finally
Coccyx Pain
Hello all. I was wondering if any of you had any coccyx pain? I have a broken coccyx. It has been broken for 21 years. It has never given me any "problems". I have had chronic daily, debilitating head pain for 10 years. Ok 9 but it feels
Windows 8.1 HTPC Bare bone Strip out
Hi all, Currently I am putting together an HTPC Media PC running windows 8.1 and using Kodi v14 as as my main media streamer, it will also run as a torrent box.  Im also trying to strip windows 8.1 down to basically nothing. i was just wondering wha
Eating has hurt my head.
I ate lunch. It was some rather chewy bread. It hurt my stupid jaw (I have a problem with it caused by eating ciabatta 2 years ago). It was struggle to chew and hurt my jaw a lot. I gave in and the dog got the rest. But within 10 minutes I have head
Does your hair hurt?
At the moment the hair on top of my head hurts so much, that it feel as if I got one big bruise. I can barely touch, or brush it. The whole top of my head is sore, and sensitive to touch. It helps a little after I wash it, but soon it starts all over,
Eye exam with huge migraine after dilating of eyes
Has anyone else had this problem when they got their eyes examed to get their glasses? My appointment went fine until she put the drops in to dilate my eyes. Not long afterwards I started feeling a migraine coming on and getting sick to my stomach. My
Question for Marc
Anna is being tested again for acromegaly. She was tested last fall, and she fell in the normal range. But she saw a new endocrinologist this week who asked more questions, and she has so many symptoms of this now. He pretty much scared me. We will
Who Has the Prettiest Eyes?
Enter ContestView EntriesInvite Friends Grand Prize A Gourmet Dinner for Two 2nd Prize Weekly gift cards to Starbucks Contest Instructions 1. “Like” our page, 2. Submit your own photo
Eyes watching you code.
Where do I add this code? Code:<script language="JavaScript"> //Watching Eyes script- By Kurt ( //Script featured on Dynamic Drive //Visit for this script and
If any one had any experience with one or both please let me know. I am taking 50 mgs of imiprimine but the migraines still come way too often & watery eyes that drip come with the headaches. I think I have tried everything medical & non medica
Black Widow and Hawkeye vs Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow
Premise: Following the events of G Joe Retaliation and Avengers Age of Ultron, GI Joe has been contracted by the government to bring these two avengers in for questioning involving the events of ultron and any inside information they may provide. They hav
Stabbing pain behind ear!
Can anyone relate to what is happening to me? All day I have had a stabbing pain behind my ear, it happens sporatically. And now by the end of the day, my head is so very tender there when I touch it. I looked up cluster headaches, and it doesn't
Brass Knucles hurt!
So I had a run in with a local gang last night. I'm ok, but I took a swing in the gut by a thug wearing brass knuckles (I got checked out by EMTs, they say no serious injuries occurred, thank God for D30!). Despite that I've been doing this for years, I
migraines and facial/eye pain.....
Just wondering if anyone else experiences pain between the eyes, and in behind the nose area of the face along with migraine head pain????? I am having chronic daiily headaches along with migraine headaches, and I am having alot of eye/facial pain....
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