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"bon bon alpacasso bootleg vs original"

Alpacasso Series Tags
Full size Here is the example I made to show the Good Night series tags! Here are the guidelines for tag pictures to be added to the directory: 1) It’s preferred they have the original set of tags on any new alpacasso from that series. Some people fin
Fakes & Bootlegs (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
There is a Chinese website based in China that I usually order once every 1-2 years since they have affordable and cute items. I got curious and looked up Alpacasso knowing that they must have mostly bootlegs and fakes and lo and behold I wasn't wrong.
Alpacasso Catalogue [image heavy]
A few people have expressed interest in having a list of all the Alpacassos that Amuse has ever made. Fuckyeaharpakasso has already started one on Tumblr but it's still incomplete and we thought we could all collaborate to finish it! Most of this
Seller Whitelist and Blacklist
Elisabeth, aka Tamabonotchi/fuckyeaharpakasso, was kind enough to let me bring over her very detailed list of Alpacasso sellers. A huge, huge thank you to her! Everything below has been copied and pasted directly from her Tumblr page here. Here’s my
June Sherbert Kids Alpacasso
So our newest emerging series is the sherbert kids for this June, 2015! This is, as the name says, a kids series, but what is really exciting is this will probably have the new fur we have seen on the pop'n ribbons and hatters! (A guess made from the
Cleaning Alpacasso
(Sorry if this has been brought up anywhere) But does anyone have tips for cleaning Alpacasso? I have the white backpack Alpacasso and I used to wear it every day when I went out, it's starting to look very dull and muddy colored and now so I'm less
LINE Alpacasso Stickers by Amuse
Did you know that there's this messaging app called LINE that originally came from Japan but is now available all over the world. Just recently, Amuse Japan just posted on their instagram account that they are going to be offering Alpacasso
Kirarin Stars Alpacasso
Hello, fellow alpaca enthusiasts! Seems like Amuse has put out our June Alpacasso release, and I've been seeing mixed reviews, most of them negative. Anyway, I really dig the llama and white alpaca, even if they do look a lot like the Shiny Star Ballerin
August Girly Alpacasso
So on on Rosy's Instagram, she's posted preview images of a bunch of new AMUSE products coming out soon, including the August Alpacasso release! It looks pretty much like the earlier Oshare Lace Alpacasso from a few years back, but with some new
Kids Alpacasso: Lovely series
I saw a new kids series on TOM, set to be released this February. The series is called Lovely, and in standard size it includes four kids alpacasso: Shiro-chan, Momo-chan, Choco-chan and Lavender-chan. The last one isn't included in the large size. I
Non-Plush Alpacasso Catalogue
I've decided to move the non-plush toy Alpacasso items into a different forum to help keep the Alpacasso Catalogue just a little bit cleaner! Thread is still under construction
[ANSWERED] Can´t install original drivers on reduced .iso
i backup the installed Drivers from installed 8.1win with "double Driver", then i remove with winreducer These Drivers: Printer Scanner Lan Drivers (all) wlan Drivers (all) after install the reduced iso i cant install the backup Drivers
How to create an original top navbar
How to create an original top navbarDescription This tutorial will show you how to create an original navigation bar! Set up 1.Go to your Admin Panel > Display > Templates > General > overall_header Paste this code after the
Vista SP2 Vista Loader V4.2 X86 X64 By Orbit30 [h33t] [Original]
Vista SP2 Vista Loader V4.2 X86 X64 By Orbit30 [h33t] [Original] >
How to return the focus to original frame after entering text in tinymce?
My page consists of text edit "tinymce" and a submit button. I used the following to enter text in tinymce: 1) selenium.focus("tinymce") 2) selenium.type("tinymce", "input text") 3) selenium.fireEvent("tinymce", "blur") 4)
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