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what is good about ur technique?
what is one technique from any background of martial arts that u learned and is helpfull?
RLSH: internet presence, sightings, contact points, other info.
This is a little roundup of pages on the web, especially those lesser-known and hard to find unless you already know about them, that give some sign of specific RLSH or RLSH-related activity. This can include blogs, Facebook, Twitter, news outlets,
Brick and Mortar RLSH School
We were beginning to derail a good thread with this topic so I started a new one. What is needed to form a professional and reputable RLSH School? For example insurance: Well I don't know about a venture of this sort but most reputable martial arts
Australian RLSH's
Has anyone a compiled list of Australian RLSH's? (active or retired). So far I have The Owl......and Captain Australia, of course.
RLSH - Mexican Warrior RLSH?
While one of our book signings I met a young man who approached me about Mexican RLSHs after purchasing our New Legends: Hero, Antihero, and Vigilante anthology. He asked me about some of the ‘heroes’ they had over there (Mexico) and what they woul
Start Training now, RLSH Later
Listen, Ususally, If you just go out into the field you see some crime happening and you NEED to stop it, and it is a violent crime but you have no training as in martial arts/stealth classes where your at least a Black belt your out of luck beause I can
RLSH physical fitness test
What would you guys consider a realistic and practical test to gauge somebody's level of fitness to do this kind of stuff? Not like anybody would be "kicked out of the community" over it or anything, but what do you think would be a realistic goal for
The Italian RLSH community is rising!
Hello colleagues. Been a very long time. I just forgot about this astonishing forum. Really. Tainted memory! As you already know, I kinda retired in 2011, then slowly became active again in 2012. I patrolled a lot in the last couple of years, mor
How far would you go?
How far would you be willing to go to self-evolve? Would you risk your health on the chance to become stronger, smarter, and/or faster than those around you? Would you be willing to risk all to rise above the herd of happy sheep?
How to Train an RLSH - Part 1
This is not a thread about how to be an RLSH, but how to train others to prepare for engaging in realistic crime patrols. For those who don't know me, I have patrolled for over 20 years, and have trained others to patrol for over 10 years. I know ho
Company Offering Pro Bono RLSH Support
A few days ago I was approached on facebook with a friends request offering an interesting offer. It took me a few days to get back to him (honestly, I forgot that it was in my inbox), and I thought that I might pass this offer on to see who is interested
improving rlsh skills
This one's gonna help you improve whatever skill you wanna improve
RLSH Fitocracy Group
I've started a RLSH Fitocracy group. If anyone wants to track their fitness with a group, come join us there:
RLSH 90 Day Fitness Challenge?
Anyone feel like doing a 90 day fitness challenge? I thought we could start 9/1, and finish 12/1. We don't have to do the whole before/after pics (unless you want to). Rather, I thought everyone interested could start a training post in here. Just kind
RLSH - New Era of Heroing (Evolution)
Question: Is there a RLSH Movement anymore or are there simply RLSHs that are out there doing their own thing? I ask this because there is definitely a need for something different to happen to effect change with all the madness proliferating across th
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