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SCEditor Color Picker [Color Cubes]
Hello, This color picker was developed for the editor I am working on, but I've reworked it for use with the SCEditor. The color picker button is added after the original color button. Hovering over the colors will show their hex values in the
[Javascript] Automatic login after registration
File name: Automatic login after registration Functionality: All Versions First go to your Administration Panel → Modules → Html & Javascript Management → Javascript Management Name: Automatic login after registration Placement: All
Selenium Help color text
1.How to scroll page using selenium with TCL I am already workwith KeyPress,typeKeys using char key code //35 & // 34 its not working.Please advice me how to go about that Se keyPress "piddlsiteuser_country" "\35" Se
How to change background color for this they are when you register on the forum and save but the background color goes white when you put the mouse on it so how to change color of that. This is how it looks: And this is how it looks when you put
3 color on the border
Hi guys, Is it possible to have 3 color on the border like black, blue and red if so please give me a example.
Multiple users login
I have created around 100 users and I want to login all the 100 users at same time Is it posible using selenium IDE , ad on for firefox ? How can I install Selenium in my firefox 6 ? If its not possible using selenium IDE what
Login to twitter account
hi,  I have started my automation project since 2 days. I need to login to twitter account and verify or click on feedpost. While I am trying to login to twitter, it is taking me to "We gotta check are you human?" page. Since this page includes image
How to verify particular TEXT color in web page using selenium webdriver?
Hi ALL, I am new to selenium.i want to verify particular text color in webpage using webdriver in java.i need generic code to verify text color. i will give in excel sheet particular color and action type verify. KINDLY GIVE SOLUTION TO THIS.
[SOLVED] Computer hangs after login
The following problems in connection with the apps show up before leaving the Windows Firewall and User Account Control: 3 Minutes black screen after login. Only then will start the desktop. The App Redness service causes this problem. I've disabled i
Login Function
Hi, Can i know how to do Automation testing on User lockout for login function using selenium IDE
Sharepoint forgets login and doesn't react on clicks on in-page-links
I've got 2 problems testing a sharepoint site 1. The auth popup is popping up at irregular intervals (every 5 to 10 clicks) although every open command uses the username:password@site as prefix - when I use the same Firefox profile as selenium
How do I make the login popup show an Image, instead of it's bland colors
Okay, so, I guess it says it all, I'm not very good at CSS codes, but I know it requires a CSS codes to do so. How do I make it show an Image instaid of a color. Also, off topic, but how do I enable HTML for the entire forum?
What is your favorite color?
Ποιο είναι το αγαπημένο σας χρώμα ? * Multiple choice/Πολλαπλής επιλογής
fix the theme color
how I can set the theme color I want it to be green
Private message bg color
Is iy possible to add private message background/ gradient for staffs llike post message? It is very easy to add gradients for staffs but I want to add gradients for staff in their private message to so how to do it? @Ange Tuteur
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