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Background on topics
Hey guys ! So i have a black,red,white forum but i think the background on topics isnt good. So i have used this hitskin before but i really want the background of the topic. Is this possible to be shared? Thanks !
How to change background color for this they are when you register on the forum and save but the background color goes white when you put the mouse on it so how to change color of that. This is how it looks: And this is how it looks when you put
Mario Background
Yup, i need a mario background so here is the request... Type of creation : Background Size of the image : 150 x 200 Font color : Darkblue Link to the font to be used : N/A Text : TheMarioWorldLuigi's Mario Team Sub text : N/A Background color :
Icons Mix background
b]Type of creation : [/b] Background Size of the image : 1.028px × 147px Font color : Nope Link to the font to be used : Text : Sub text : Background color : Transparent Any special effects to be added : i want it to look like an explosion of
Solved: Navigation Bar Background Color
Hello, how do I change the background color of the navigation bar? Thanks!
How to take the screen shot? when i set a kwargs, it is showing error... when i not set kwargs it is coming black color as background
When i not set kwargs, png coming as a black color background so black color text are not visible in screen shot.. |captureEntirePageScreenshot | C:\Users\chandrasekaran\Desktop\snapsie-0.2\test.jpg| | When i use this command it is not working..
I need these colors changed
Can someone make this CSS a darker CSS please? Code:/*______________REUSABLE CODE FOR ALL PAGES_______________*/ body{background:url(/common/images/bg_top_repeat.jpg) #fff repeat-x; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
how to change this in the chatbox
Hi guys. How to change this in the chatbox ? I want to change the black color to white in the message. Which is the css code only for this?
Auto body Repair Da-Les AutoBody ends 3/14/13 Prize Details Da-Les Auto Body is proud to offer this latest contest to it’s wonderful customers, both present and past. Winning video testimonial entry shall receive a $350 Apple Store
SCEditor Color Picker [Color Cubes]
Hello, This color picker was developed for the editor I am working on, but I've reworked it for use with the SCEditor. The color picker button is added after the original color button. Hovering over the colors will show their hex values in the
Tiling image behind banner on PhpBB?
Hey guys, I posted this to the forummotion support forum but it didn't get any responses, so I was wondering if someone could help me with the code? I would like to create a banner similar to this setup I made on a site a while back: [link].
Remove line under link
Remove Line Under Links Removing the underline below the links This can be annoying to many people, so here is a fast tutorial to learn how to remove the line under the links. I'll show you how to do it by HTML and CSS - that's the easiest way to do
Fully Resizeable Background Image?[PunBB]
Hey Guys, this is the forum I am currently working on ingenmarketDOTforummotionsDOTcom/ I have a background image and i want to make it fit the page all the time like the video below youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=X2j6gXXjfOc Hi I was wondering how t
Req background image effect
Image type: (background image effect) Image size: The width must be 1440! Background color/image: N/a Text to insert: N/a Font: N/a Font size: N/a Example*: N/a Other information: Hello, I would like to request some kind of effect which would
Selenium Help color text
1.How to scroll page using selenium with TCL I am already workwith KeyPress,typeKeys using char key code //35 & // 34 its not working.Please advice me how to go about that Se keyPress "piddlsiteuser_country" "\35" Se
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