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[Javascript] Merge followed messages of a member in ChatBox!
Tutorial: Merge followed messages of a member in ChatBox! Who ever got upset with a post after another in a ChatBox cast the first stone... Well, I do not particularly like because it is a very polluted visual... Thinking about this I developed a
Cell Spacing for Tables
Seems like cellspacing (I think that's what it's called LOL) doesn't work when viewing a user's posts: "My Posts": Actual thread:
Tables for Tutorials, Announcements etc...
Hello! Here are some tables you can use! Announcements Code:<div class="tuto"><div class="title">Title here</div>Content here</div> TitleContent Solved or not? Forum Administrators HTML Code:<table
Urgent: Selenium tables question
Hi All, 1. I am trying to write a test using Selenium to compare each cell in a table and verify that the number in that cell is correct (expected). Is there an easier way to select the entire table and have Selenium do the thing? 2.
Web table, Webdriver selenium
How to read the web table using web driver say suppose /memberlist. My target is to first read the number of rows and then no of columns. Click on the column PM as per the user name . How do I proceed with this. as the username may be dynamic as it ma
Tables Side by Side
Code:<div align="center">         <table style="padding: 0px 0px;background: #32C775;width: 150px;height: 30px;border-radius: 3px;">        
how to store number of rows of a table
I have a table, how can I store number of table rows in an element through IDE command? Also I want to locate the table, but not through xpath here, becoz my page design may change later, but I know the table title which is fixed. After this text, I
Page load issue
Hi, I am trying to access the table element on the page. but the table is very big. It takes time to load the page. When it tries to access the table element after 2nd 3rd row its gives error that table element not found. I have added
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