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How to select link present under the table using c#
Hello, I want to select a link present under the table. I try with different scenarios of but of no use. The format of table is : table is having four column and number of rows are not fixed so i use the below syntax to count the row
How do i get the total number of rows and i have only the table id
HI , I am new to selenium coding ..and i am I am using Selenium with Java When i click on a link it generates a table ( this table row is not constant but the col are constant, at time there can be 10 rows next time 25 rows etc) How do i get
[IMPLEMENTED] Join a Domain + Wifi Setup For Unattended Access
You have it so that we can join the computer to a WORKGROUP, but not a domain. Can you make an option so that we can specify the domain to add a computer to for Unattended access? Secondly, you have an option to allow Wireless config for Unattended
How to scroll in div/table?
Hi, I am new in Selenium IDE. My project is to test a Web Application building with GWT. I need to expand an element in side bar which consist of more than 100 elements. The side bar only shows 10 elements at a time while the target elements is at the end
How to get total rowcount of a table using Selenium IDE
Hi all, Is anybody know How to get total rowcount of a table using Selenium IDE. Plz respond. Thanks, Shradha
Javascript - Pop, Push, Reverse, Join methods
Hello once more, I am Mr.Joker and in this tutorial you will learn very important methods as Pop, Push, Reverse, Join and Sort. Lets begin: -Pop : With pop method you can delete the last "member" or Array. So if array is like (1,2,3,4,5) and
How to get selected an item from table by using select command of IDE
Hi all, I have to select an item from table by using select(selectLocator, optionLocator).......... of Selenium IDE. I have no id for selectLocator, so I can not specify selectLocator, please help me. I am stuck on this issue since a few days.
Retrieving number of rows in a table
Hi I am new to Selenium. I am using Selenium with Java. I would like to retrieve number of rows of a table and need to retrieve content of each row of a specific column to validate. I can identify the table only with "id" property. But that
[Solved] BBCode for table
Hey, how I can create table exactually like this one: Only with other images and background color, but that I can repair alone. Please help
10 Reasons to Join Contest
1. Not getting facebook comment limited. 2. Very Few Cheaters 3.Great rules. Keeps the cheaters at bay and makes for a great, friendly community. 4. Easy design to navigate. 5. Less time consumeing. Only vote for thoes that voted on your thread and
how to store number of rows of a table
I have a table, how can I store number of table rows in an element through IDE command? Also I want to locate the table, but not through xpath here, becoz my page design may change later, but I know the table title which is fixed. After this text, I
table -div
Hallo, can anyone make my Table in a Div wert? This is my Table: Code:<table width="100%"summary="Die Tabelle zeigt die Info-Bereiche des Schiggysboard."><tr><td width="31"><a
How do i get the ID or Xpath of Text from Dynamic table?
Hi, I have a dynamic table that has 220 rows and 22 col , out of which there are 2 col named ( LID and SVal) .I have to get the Sval for LID =2345 1) Currently i have got the Rowcount ;Rowcount = 220 2) Get the LID for each row for (i
how to locate an anchor tag which resides in a table cell
Hi, I have same 'Edit' link in 4th td of each row of table, how can I assert first Edit link? assertElementPresent | //table[2]/tbody/tr[0]/td[4]/link=["Edit"] or assertElementPresent |
Urgent --- how to get links under specific panel/ div/ table
Hi All, i am new to selenium i want to get all the links under specific panel/ div/ table for example ----------- there is left panel and right panel, both panels having some links now i wanna get only the links from left panel currentl
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