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"boats and migraines"

boats and migraines
Does anyone have problems with their m when they are on boats?
Two US Navy Boats In Iran Custody - Pentagon Two US Navy Boats In Iran Custody - Pentagon Up to 10 US Navy sailors are detained after a vessel breaks down and drifts into Iranian territorial waters, says the
anyone tried seroquel for migraines?
I was just prescribed a low dose of it the other day after trying countless other migraine preventatives, but can't find much information about the use of this drug for migraines. I'm assuming my neuro has his reason, but I'd love to hear if others have
LSD Used To Treat Migraines
I know this is a very controversial subject and most likely has been discussed here before but it interested me nonetheless. Even my hippie wife and myself the tattooed rock-n-roll migraine sufferer were not aware that LSD was and is being used to treat
Migraines after car accident
Has this happened to anyone else? I had a car accident last fall. My migraines were extreme after the accident for awhile. They have gotten a lot better but I still wonder if the car accident made them worse. I have a lawsuit against the driver as he was
Are migraines always only one sided??
I have migraine with aura but lately my daughter has been getting the throbbing headaches, aching behind her eyes and nausea. She has had her sinuses/ears all checked and taken care of but the headaches continue. Hers is usually a pounding, throbbing on
Help with Refractory Migraines
My 17 yr old has had migraines for 5 years and it was totally under control using amitriptyline 40mg daily. In November her migraines evolved and in April we ended up in the hospital for a week after having a constant migraine for 2 weeks. They tried the
Migraines & Tachycardia
Hi all! I'm chugging right along with my Topamax and Relpax as prescribed. Topamax is helping with the daily pain...not as frequent, not as severe. Relpax...I'm still on the fence. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, last week I
Migraines and earthquakes - hey midwesterners been miserable lately?
Does anyone know if there is a connection between M and earthquakes? I know I've been absolutely miserable the last few days (I know there is medication issues but it's not all of it) and can't find a reason for it. Normally fronts do it, but I'm
Psychological Component to Migraines
Has anyone ever explored a psychological angle to their migraines? I'm about to go through deep counseling by a "real" psychologist to see if my crazy upbringing's baggage is the real root cause of my chronic daily headaches. I'm
Acid reflux drugs and migraines?
I developed a really nasty case of GERD or "acid reflux" a couple of weeks ago. REALLY bad. After trying to control it with antacids, I tried over-the-counter (OTC) Pepcid AC acid blocker, which helped some but not enough. I went to my doctor wh
Antihistamine and migraine
I have been recomended to take antihistamine, but I dread to take anything new, in case of s/e specially that it might be something that triggers migraine or headache. I would be grateful for any feedback, if anyone used it before, and did it affect your
Neurostimulator for migraines, Anyone?
I have been wanting to talk to anyone that has had this done or is in the process of getting it done. Or have you thought about it? How safe is it? How do I find someone in my area that does it? Anyone, anything, please.
Migraines/stroke risk
We've touched on this before but read in the paper this morning of a 14 year old who had a stroke. One of the symptoms: "Levi had had severe headaches in the months leading up to his stroke, and doctors said that is one of many symptoms that can
Do certain GERD drugs bring on migraines?
Over the past few months I have been taking different medications for gastritis and I recall clearly, about 10 minutes after taking Protonix my aura/migraine started. I had a similar situation about a month prior so I am wondering if anyone else had a
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