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"beware coffee can get you a dui in california"

Advil and coffee
For those who do the advil and coffee thing, how much coffee do you have to drink for it to take affect?
Iced Coffee
I signed up for and today, received a sample of Dunkin' Donuts Coffee (in the mail). I don't drink hot coffee. I will drink iced coffee, though and I love iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. So, my friends, how do I make it? I like it with milk and
Headache Specialist in Northern California?
Our question:  Can you recommend a doctor or clinic in Northern California (ideally, in or near Sacramento), who specialize in migraine/New Daily Persistent Headache/Chronic Daily Headache? Background:  My son (22) began having severe headaches about
iPad Sweepstakes *California only* Prize Details The iPad with16GB is provided by Verizon Wireless at Yuba Sutter Mall. Prize Eligibility Only persons residing in California who are at least 18 years of age can enter.
Star Motors Celebration Sweepstakes *California only*
Enter SweepstakesInvite Friends Grand Prize A brand new Apple iPad 2 – worth $499 One winner! We’re so happy to be voted Orange County’s Number One Auto Repair and we’re ready to celebrate! Join the festivities and enter to win an iPad
Doheny Days Ticket Sweepstakes *California only*
Enter Sweepstakes Invite Friends Grand Prize 1 winner will receive a pair of VIP tickets to Saturday, September 10th Doheny Days! 2nd Prize 10 runner up winners will receive a pair of general admission tickets to Doheny Days on either
There is a scammer about, beware
The post about "Two different experiences" looks like a Spam How do you notify the moderator here?
Beware there is a dangerous spammer on our forum
Sadly our forum has atracted a dangerous spammer, so please dismiss all posts here, and on our Misc pages which are posted by someone calling themselves: rove01. This person, or persons is nothing to do with our forum and sounds illegal.
Pressed Juicery Cleanse Giveaway *California only*
Enter SweepstakesInvite Friends Prize Details We have a 3-day juice cleanse and a personal wellness consult to give away! The 3-day cleanse is provided by Pressed Juicery and valued at $210.00. Everything will be delivered right to your
Win a Keurig coffee brewer - ends 3/30
Hello all. is having votes for uploading an image in accordance with a theme. This weeks ends 3/30 but there are more weeks to come. Good luck!
anyone using butterbur like me beware not licenced in UK from Di
Experts warn herbal remedy butterbur can cause liver damage and even organ failure By LAUREN PAXMAN Last updated at 4:29 PM on 1st February 2012 Comments (2) Share "Dangerous remedy: No products containing butterbur (pictured) have been
Has anyone tried this for headaches/migraines? If so, did it help at all? And what side effects did you experience? My neurologist said I'm supposed to take Depakote. After reading a lot about that drug, I have to be honest, I really don't want to
Top 10: Best Plot Twists in Video Games History: Part 2 (Spoilers Beware!)
#5 Blue Dragon (360). Protagonist Shu along with his childhood friends Kluke, and Jiro fight alongside other comrades to defeat the diabolical mastermind terrorizing the world with a robot army, and the power of Shadows after they gain Shadows of
Freebie Thread!
If you have any freebie files that you would like to give out, please post them here. This way we can keep them in an organized little thread, and if we suspect a theft, we can run here to check <3 Thank you! Here is the Texturing Forum Freebie
PCU College Gear Photo Contest *California only*
Enter Contest View Entries Invite Friends Prize Details The super fan ring features the widely recognized San Francisco Giants logo framed by a white and orange diamond baseball on top of a classic black onyx stone. Silver engravings on the ring
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