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Policewoman Killed In Manchester During Wanted Man Arrest Policewoman Killed During Wanted Man Arrest An unarmed female police officer has been killed and another is critically injured during the arrest of a murder suspect. A
Who Killed Rare?
EuroGamer's article goes in depth on speculating as to who was responsible for killing Rare. Love this quote: "Microsoft and Rare was a bad marriage from the beginning. The groom was rich. The bride was beautiful. But they wanted to make different
Posts in the spam forum shouldn't count towards your posts if you're serious about that contest Tatebros, otherwise I have full authority to delete posts that are of the quality of Absolute Chaos on Xenon's forum
Regarding the ad banner for the last story !
If you see below the "The Last Story" text, you will see the date that the game will come out in the US. I just want to inform you all, members, staff and visitors, that the date is not correct ! The reason why I haven't changed the date is because
Pity's not required but empathy would be nice.
Hello, everyone! I've lurked on here for quite a while and just recently signed up. I'm sorry if this turns into a big vent but I guess I'm just trying to figure out how other people have handled extending patience to people that aren't showing much to
The Beyonders Power
Even if the beyonder retconning himself and all of existence wasn't true. Then wouldn't he still be quite powerful, hear me out. Most people like to use the scan of beyonder using a majority of his power to erase death. But lets remember that death existe
Our Buttons
Our buttons. Please, do not hotlink. By Princess Jime v1 88*31 100*35 368*60 468*60 v2 88*31 100*35 468*60 v3 88*31 100*35 468*60 v4 88*31
What old TV shows did you like and why?
What old TV shows did you like and why? "Have Gun, Will Travel' (late '50s) For a Western it was somewhat more intellectual and cultured. It pulled in a lot of material from many sources. Based in San Francisco it felt a little closer to home
I like big butts and I cannot lie
Let's see if we can remember the lyrics to this googling! I like big butts and I cannot lie you other brothers can't deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung What's the
Banner rotation
I need a code just like on the support forum where it says ''Pick your theme'' but I wanna it without those numbers 1,2,3 just to show images of my themes and links for now i want with 4 images.
Happy moments
I wonder if people who suffer from migraines know how to appreciate simple pleasures in life much better then healthy people, who take such things for granted. I mean ordinary simple things, simple pleasures like: a walk in the countryside, planting
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Question On Estimated Progress For Becoming A "RLSH".
I have been conceptualizing what it would take for me to become a "RLSH" of notable stature, both in terms of mental and physical competency. I have been closely monitoring this community in order to better understand this movement and I have decided it's
Barometric Pressure
Some people are affected by barometric pressure more than others. Anna head pain seems to be greatly affected by it. So I wanted to start a thread to share experiences and information. I found this interesting, though it's not about head
French had a vision to vanished the People of Indochina
Cov duab no yog Kzkz muab Fabki teb tuaj, nov yog xyoo 1906/08 nyob rau Tebchaws Blog. cov neeg no tseem tab tom nyob ntawm lub kaws muaj khoom. Muaj cov blog thiab cov hmoob nyob rau ntawm no. Tsi tag li Fabkis tuaj quab nyuam peb tej pej xeem hmoob los
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