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Alpacasso Catalogue [image heavy]
A few people have expressed interest in having a list of all the Alpacassos that Amuse has ever made. Fuckyeaharpakasso has already started one on Tumblr but it's still incomplete and we thought we could all collaborate to finish it! Most of this
Baby/Baby Bump Photo Contest *Texas* Prize Details a professional photography session for baby and mom. Contest Instructions Photos from the photo shoot of mom or mom and baby will be used for promotional materials for
October Velvet Ribbon Alpacasso
So Rosy showed us a preview of the Amuse October Release... OMG I must have the blue and yellow 16cms and a big yellow. Dying of cute over here. I love these accessories and color coordinates!
Suspicion of killing baby in microwave.
Sacramento mother arrested on suspicion of killing baby in microwave. Nias hauv qab no mus nyeem.
Kids Alpacasso: Lovely series
I saw a new kids series on TOM, set to be released this February. The series is called Lovely, and in standard size it includes four kids alpacasso: Shiro-chan, Momo-chan, Choco-chan and Lavender-chan. The last one isn't included in the large size. I
for sale baby super red arowana
sale baby super red.... lemme try to give the best price for you.... contact person : Mr. Benny whatsapp +628112728046 (for chat , sending n receiving picture n video, fast response) PIN BBM 73EF26E7 (broad cast only, slow response) mobile number
arwana / arowana golden red baby
velarowana baby arwana golden red pilihan - Kualitas pilihan asal pekanbaru Riau.(Mahato) - anatomi bagus. - merah. - ring sudah keluar. - sirip dan ekor lebar. - dayung panjang. Lihat langsung sample ikan pada gambar. COD hanya
Christmas 2015 Alpacasso~
Posted on Rosy's insta: What do you guys think? LOL when I first saw it, I thought it was a picture of the October series and then I saw the big mint one If I were to get one, it'd be the big mnt buuuut I'd take off the bow cus it looks weird to
August Girly Alpacasso
So on on Rosy's Instagram, she's posted preview images of a bunch of new AMUSE products coming out soon, including the August Alpacasso release! It looks pretty much like the earlier Oshare Lace Alpacasso from a few years back, but with some new
Alpacasso Series Tags
Full size Here is the example I made to show the Good Night series tags! Here are the guidelines for tag pictures to be added to the directory: 1) It’s preferred they have the original set of tags on any new alpacasso from that series. Some people fin
June Sherbert Kids Alpacasso
So our newest emerging series is the sherbert kids for this June, 2015! This is, as the name says, a kids series, but what is really exciting is this will probably have the new fur we have seen on the pop'n ribbons and hatters! (A guess made from the
Fakes & Bootlegs (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
There is a Chinese website based in China that I usually order once every 1-2 years since they have affordable and cute items. I got curious and looked up Alpacasso knowing that they must have mostly bootlegs and fakes and lo and behold I wasn't wrong.
johnson's baby soothing vapor bath
I just read that this product makes some headaches go away. Have any of you tried it? thanks
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