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Could my headaches be a result of Systemic Candida?
Just to paraphrase my first post on 2/10- I developed chronic sinusitis, fatigue, and headaches 14 mo.s ago. The headaches have progressed to a point where they are around 24/7 and unique to common migraine symptoms. Specialists want to focus one either
Amitriptyline headaches
I have been on amitriptyline for 2 and a half weeks, and almost every day since I have had a headache. I assume it is the amitriptyline doing this. I know a number of you have tried this drug, so I am interested in your views. Should I stop taking
Headaches and passing out/fainting
Hi All, I'm sure that most of you know that in addition to chronic intractable migraine, I also have POTS and faint a great deal. I usually faint anywhere from 0-12 times each day. I have only noticed one pattern- when the pain gets worse, I faint a lo
sleep apnea and morning headaches
I found this video on youtube and it is working for me so if anyone suffers sleep apnea along with morning headaches then it is worth a try I have almost stopped sleep apnea .
Rebound headaches
Can you get rebound headaches on daily use of ibupropfen? Some places I've read you can and others say you cant. Since my bad bout of migraine started in November I've been using it almost daily - usually 2 or 3 tabs. I am getting migraine and aura
any tips for rebound headaches?
I suffer from chronic migraines, and due to overuse of triptans, I am suffering from terrible rebound headaches. I spent Tuesday morrning in the ER, and this headache keeps coming back. I have stopped the triptans and have been resorting to otc
Can low testosterone be contributing to my headaches?
Based on some responses from my first post on 2/10- I went to an Infectious Disease Specialist and this morning received the results from my blood work. From various types of fevers, fungal, and bacterial infections that were tested- everything came back
hypnic headaches - new to group
hi there, gang - my name is evi and i'm a headache sufferer. i have had migraines for many years. when i was younger they were much worse, but now they're thankfully occasional. but now i'm having a new kind of headache, and it's about A MILLION times
Vitamin D Supplement = more headaches??
Hi, I have recently tried a new supplement, vitamin D 1000IU. I noticed many people here mentioned it helping their headaches, and also my doctor recommended I try it for my psoriasis. However, since I have been taking it, I have had a migraine and
Morning headaches
I have been trying to think why so many of us suffer from moring headaches. Even when I have very low headache days, I still often get a morning headache. When I leave it alone and take nothing for it, sometimes it stops by itself and I am fine for the
Flying and headaches
An interesting story on "airplane headache". I end up with a headache about half the time I fly. I think it is due to the rate of depressurization during the descent phase. It makes me dread flying which I have to do several times per month for
Rebound headaches?
What are some drugs that can cause rebound headaches? How are rebound headaches usually described? Is it more of a typical headache--throbbing, pulsing, and/or painful--or more of a pressing/tightening sensation? Just curious. Has anyone here had
Surgical Treatment of Chronic Headaches
Anyone ever try it? I was prescribed it by my new neurologist this week. I took it on Tuesday and it wiped out a migraine in progress completely. I'm pretty amazed - virtually nothing has ever done that for me. It's hard for me to believe that I hav
Help for new headaches
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and have entered brand new territory, and am looking for help/insight if anyone can provide some (I apologize for the length in advance) I am 31 and was diagnosed with migraines when I was 14, and currently suffer
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