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Chronic head pain with fatigue? Get tested for Babesia, not just Lyme!
Hi all, A few of you oldie but goodies may remember me, I don't come 'round here often any more. For background on my migraine history, my last post, search the post "OMG...a cure...a partial cure" from Jan 2010, and you can also see my blog
"Head pressure" migraine + topamax..?
I'm 29 years old. I have had a sensation of 24/7 head pressure for 7 years and only recently saw a neurologist about it. The delay in treatment is for a few reasons, mostly because I didn't get health insurance until recently. The MRI/MRA came back
Barometric Pressure
Some people are affected by barometric pressure more than others. Anna head pain seems to be greatly affected by it. So I wanted to start a thread to share experiences and information. I found this interesting, though it's not about head
What is this pain in my teeth? My head, or sinus?
Is it more from migraine......TMJ??? TN? I dont know? I am getting it more and more.... It isn't toothache. It is pressure which aches. The dont hurt when I brush them, but can be a bit temperature sensitive. It comes and goes part of a day....two
Blood pressure and Migraine
Hi, Some may recall that I have an issue of high blood pressure. Well I saw my GP about it today and she confirms that it needs treating, but wants me to record readings over a two week time frame. The thing is she said take the reading when you are
Been having blood pressure problems lately.
Been having alot of problems with my bp being high. I have always had the problem with my bp being high when I am in pain with M. My doctor has never prescribed bp meds though because when not in pain, my bp is normal. Two weeks ago, I had to go
Has anyone tried this for headaches/migraines? If so, did it help at all? And what side effects did you experience? My neurologist said I'm supposed to take Depakote. After reading a lot about that drug, I have to be honest, I really don't want to
Does your head ever feel ....
Does the top of your head ever feel like it is trying to lift off? I can't figure out if this is an aura or another weird manifestation of the facial/scalp pain. I feel nauseous and dizzy so I'm leaning toward nasty migraine. Alli
Barometric Pressure
Hello all! I live in Indiana and have suffered from migraines since the age of five, I am currently 30. Today is Thursday and I am on my fourth migraine since Saturday. I pushed through work on Monday but had to call in a sick day today. The
Pain in back of my head.
In some ways this is worse than migraine because nothing helps. It hits hard and backs off some and then hits again. It is under the occipital, but goes up to the back of my head and down to my neck. It feels like something is dragging the back of my
Do you get noises stuck in your head?
Twice one of my family has set of the burglar alarm going out the door. This morning the did it....that was almost 3 hours ago... I can still hear it. I am getting more tinnitus, but this is horrible. Happened in a store when their alarm went
Success! Exercise, anxiety, and sun migraines and hot head done!
Hi Everyone, I recently discovered the cause of my 20 years of headaches, migraines, and overheating issues and I wanted to share my story in case anyone else has a similar situation. Wheat! I can't believe it is something so plain and simple! I
"Phantom migraine"/thumping in my head - does anyone get these symptoms?
This is a weird one, but I am in day 2 of an attack of what I call phantom migraine right now and I am wondering if you all experience similar things. Sometimes I get these neurological attacks that are somewhat bizarre. They are characterized by an
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! My head burns!!!
God, i am so tired of my head burning!!!! It feels like I've been scalded all over the front of my scalp! This is the such an annoying and hard to ignore pain. I'm upping my meds and I can't wait for them to work. THe migraine part is over so at
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