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Chronic head pain with fatigue? Get tested for Babesia, not just Lyme!
Hi all, A few of you oldie but goodies may remember me, I don't come 'round here often any more. For background on my migraine history, my last post, search the post "OMG...a cure...a partial cure" from Jan 2010, and you can also see my blog
Chronic Migraine (10/22 - 12/8 and counting) Any other nonstop Migrainers?
Hi all, I'm a chronic migrainer myself (40+ years now) so I've been through what I would have said was everything a migrainer can go through (including ending up permanently disabled), but now my 16 year old daughter is suffering from her second long-term
Update on my chronic headache/migraines and Botox
So I went for my first round of Botox on July 27. Neuro was extremely positive and said I may see difference in one week, possibly two. He then said that he has another patient with chronic migraines as well that had success with 4 or 5 days but not to
Chronic Daily Headache on the Johns Hopkins website
This is encouraging - NOT! From the Johns Hopkins Headache Center website: "Over 90 percent of patients with CDH [chronic daily headache] have co-existing psychiatric problems, most often anxiety or depression (or both). This makes an already
chronic migraine help
I have been suffering from migraines for about 15 years now, but in the past year I have had really bad daily headaches. I take Imitrex which helps, and I have tried Topomax with no much help there. In order to function daily I have to take the
Surgical Treatment of Chronic Headaches
Spouses and Difficulty Accepting the Challenges of Chronic Migraines
I am seeking some guidance on how to help my Husband understand that my migraines are a disability and that me not working, not cleaning etc is not because I’m lazy but because I sick. I am sure that all of you chronic sufferers have had difficulties with
Abortants for Silent Migraine/Chronic Daily Headache?
I'm 25 years old and trying to do my PhD in chemistry. I've had headaches and other migraine symptoms pretty much constantly for the past 18 months. It started out as dizziness, then became headaches and generally feeling crap. I was initially diagnose
nerve decompression surgery for chronic daily headache
Has anyone had experience with nerve decompression surgery for chronic daily headache? I've been learning about it online. As far as I can find it is available in only a limited number of places. Here are links describing
Chronic HA in The News
On "Good Morning America" today: Cheryl
Chronic daily left temple behind eye pain
Hello. Newbie here. But not new to migraines.... I experience nonstop daily left temple eye pain 3-8 going on 7 years now. And am again so depressed about it all thinking death a better option then my daily half life. Does anyone have experiences with
what do those of you who have chronic migraine do to deal with pain?
Hi All, I was wondering what others here do to deal with or take thier minds off horrible pain from headaches? I know I try to escape with other things, bt I was wondering if anyone else did this. Anyway, I thought I would pose the question. Here is
How can you develop a positive attitude despite living in chronic pain?
Here is a link to an article I wrote, hope you guys enjoy it. If ya like it can ya please click on the like tap on the top. Thanks!
Rant - another oxycontin robbery
The rotten thieves in my area have pulled off another oxycontin robbery. That's the third one in a few months. So far they have hit small, independent pharmacies and not the big chains, not that I'm sure it makes a difference. So far the pharmacies that
20 years of migraines and chronic pain- another food intolerance story
There are some posts about success with the elimination diet – I would like to share my story in hopes that it may help just one person find relief…. -Christina I have been getting serious migraines for 20 years. I'm almost 32 (female). I get migraines
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