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Warning -> Failed to start: SocketListener , while performing Cross Browser Testing
Hello Everyone, I have just started learning Selenium. I am trying to use Selenium RC for Cross Browser Testing. While performing Cross Browser Testing I am getting error " Failed to start: SocketListener0@" in all the Browsers. Please
[SOLVED] Setup Fails After Wireless Join
I am having issues getting past wireless join stage. i get an error saying setup cannot continue please restart setup, i click ok, the machine reboots and has succesfully joined the wireless network and continues as normal with no errors and everything
Failed to locate the label inside a webpage
1.Test suite pointing to Selenium Remote web driver 2.Created tests using Java scripts; text fields, radio buttons,check boxes etc inside web page are identified using 'ID' at the lower level pointed by fire bug utility in mozilla fire fox 3.Each Main
The Windows Search Service has failed to create the SystemIndex search index.
OS: Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Vista Indexing service has stopped working on my machine. In the Control Panel Indexing options the message shows "Indexing is not running." As a result I am not able to index and search through my Outlook email
[Javascript] Automatic login after registration
File name: Automatic login after registration Functionality: All Versions First go to your Administration Panel → Modules → Html & Javascript Management → Javascript Management Name: Automatic login after registration Placement: All
Pupsik Studio Photo Contest Prize Details Best Parent/Child Picture: Prizes worth more than SGD500 including Steph’s 1hr lifestyle shoot worth SGD300 1 set of Kinder Organic’s Edible Finger Paint 1 set Moo Moo Cow
Could not start Selenium session: Failed to start new browser session: Error while launching browser
Selenium RC server and selenium server standalone .jar files are not working proper. in the command prompt if i give it ll show started and stoped and getting next prompt again..its not running. Problem in server standalone 2.15.0 jar file and also
[Hỏi đáp] Hỏi về đăng nhập facebook
1. Các anh cho em hỏi , khi mình vào một forum nào đó , mình chưa có tài khoảng , forum đó có chức năng đăng nhập = facebook , khi đó e đã đăng nhập = facebook , thì nó lại văng vào chỗ đăng ký forum là sao z các a . 2. Sao trang , e chưa có
Facebook Like at the side of every page
How can we make a facebook at the side like this: When we hover over it, it pops out.
Multiple users login
I have created around 100 users and I want to login all the 100 users at same time Is it posible using selenium IDE , ad on for firefox ? How can I install Selenium in my firefox 6 ? If its not possible using selenium IDE what
Well....this Facebook security breach says it all
From my How-To-Geek newsletter today: Facebook Has Yet Another Privacy Breach, Nobody’s Surprised The Wall Street Journal reports that there’s yet another breach in privacy over at Facebook, and this time it’s games like FarmVille
How to print all the friend names in Facebook using Selenium Webdriver and Java code?
Hi All, Can someone please help in the following scenario? Scenario: I want to print all the friends name using Selenium Webdriver automation using java. Since all the friends name are not getting loaded in one page, i have to scroll down the sidebar
When I run the selenium RC script, I am getting Failed to start new browser, Firefox 3 could not be found in the path!
When I run the script, I am getting the below error... I have pasted the firefox location in to system variable path... still i am getting the below error... java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not start Selenium session: Failed to start new
Login to twitter account
hi,  I have started my automation project since 2 days. I need to login to twitter account and verify or click on feedpost. While I am trying to login to twitter, it is taking me to "We gotta check are you human?" page. Since this page includes image
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