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Toradol - Anyone uses it for migraine?
After 7 days in a row of migraine and several cafergot suppositories, I felt that I needed to break the cycle. Yesterday night, I had a look in our "pharmacy drawer" and searched for ANYTHING that could help. I found Toradol. My GP
Experiences with Toradol
Hi folks~ After having a very bad stretch of two weeks, culminating is a vicious severe migraine last Thursday into Friday, I went to urgent care and got my first Toradol shot (60mg)(w/a 5mg Reglan shot too) Amazingly, it's the first thing I've ever
How do I give myself an injection of Toradol
My head is really b ad, but hubby isn't home. How do I give myself the toradol injection..should I do it in my arm or buttom. Please ehlp
I, You, Him [one-shot]
This is another one of my delusional fanfics. Just wanted to post something here... I don't know :?: Standard Disclaimers Applied Rating: AA (I think...) “What an infuriating moron! Jerk!” Inoue Mao chanted as she endlessly stabbed the point of
Learning how to do an I.M. injection
Today my neurologist agreed to allow me to perform my own toradol shots. He thinks I'm too thin to do this in my thigh, so I have to do it in my glute. I'm not sure how I could possibly finagle doing a glute injection on myself - has anyone done
That's When I Love You [one-shot]
Title: That’s When I Love You Author: novemberbaby Genre: Pure fluff Rating: PG-13 at the end. Summary: “The more I learn, the more I love / The more my heart can’t get enough”. Disclaimer: Nino belongs to Johnny’s Entertainment and Ohno Satoshi.
Mug Shot Help
Hey I'm new here and to using FEXP and have been going through the ultimate tutorial (which is amazing btw) to get trough. I got up to installing the Mug Formatter and I'm using my own mug sprite and it's not working when i put it in game after
MALAYSIAN AIRLINER 'SHOT DOWN' OVER UKRAINE A Malaysian passenger plane with 295 people on board has been shot down as it flew above eastern Ukraine, according to aviation sources. The plane, which is believed to
AirGunDepot Take a Shot Caption Contest Details Benjamin Trail Nitro + Pellets (Retail $240) Contest Instructions Give our photo a caption. Make it original, funny and creative. You can enter 1 time a day.
Russia's ambassador to Ankara shot
Russia's ambassador to Ankara has been shot and wounded in a gun attack in the Turkish capital, according to Turkish media. Andrey Karlov was speaking at a photo exhibition when he was shot in the back multiple times on Monday evening, Turkish media
Knife-wielding man shot outside Louvre in 'attack of terrorist nature'
Paris police prefect says man ‘armed with a machete’ shouted threats and ‘Allahu Akbar’ at soldiers. A major security operation is under way near the Louvre museum in Paris after a man attempted a knife attack on soldiers patrolling the area. The Frenc
How to capturing screen shot of application under testing ?
hi, In selenium you can get the screenshot of the current web page by the following 2 commands: 1. captureEntirePageScreenshot(filename, kwargs) Arguments: * filename - the path to the file to persist the screenshot as. No filename
How to take a screenshot using webdriver + C#
Hello can anyone please help me to take a screenshot using selenium webdriver (IE) using C#. Regards
MH Forum Help - How to take a "snapshot" or "screen shot"
How to take a "snapshot" or "screen shot" by revvinon To take a snapshot of your computer screen you need to bring up the image you want to capture on your computer monitor/screen. Say I want a picture of this post I am doing
How to capture screenshot only the specific element?
Currently I trying to capture a screenshot using the Selenium WebDriver but most far as i can go is just the whole page screen shot. However, what I wanted is just to capture a part of the page or perhaps just on specific element based on id. Any way to
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