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Looking for some help with ForumMotion
I'm used to using invisionfree and the great support hub. Im new to forum motion and to be honest i'm here to see what clever enhancements you script kiddies have made :)
Transfer the focus on pop up
how can i transfer the focus to the newly opened pop up i have used selectwindow but its not working there.. please help me out of the problem. THANKS
forumotion bot
Hello,i'm posting this to advertise my spam bot. This thread was created using my spam bot. You could download the bot HERE Enjoii
Can't get the message from popup
Hi all, I'm writing automated test script for web application using Selenium but I took problem when can't get the message popup from webpage. Please see image below for information I can not
Forumotion Shoutbox
This is one of the biggest projects I've worked on in awhile; a fully customizable shoutbox. The shoutbox runs off it's own code alongside the fa_database, so it will work even if the default chatbox does not.. You can use it as a public shoutbox, or
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