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Problem: Smileys arent displayed on Avacweb Chat
Hi all, When I am opening the Avacweb Chat in my forum and when pressing the smileys button the smileys are not showing. It showing a little white square. Can you help me to fix it? Best Regards, Dark-Avenger
Update 13/12/16 - Avacweb Thanks
Hey everybody! Just a quick update from me, I know things have been quiet recently and I really need to do some new tutorials... but I've actually been hard at work attempting to revive the Avacweb Thanks system and website. I want to do this because i
Chit Chat Thread
What's up guys?  
[Archived] Chatbox
What is my question?:how to make a forum chat box just like this Your Forum Forum Version:punbb
Charity Chat
Enter Contest Invite Friends Prize Details ACU of Texas and the Giving Pig want to help you give! If your charity or organization proves to be the Charity Chat favorite, the cause you believe in will receive a one-time donation made in your
RIP AvacWeb
it is difficult to see this forum as a ghost town I learned a lot from your rich post lg see you soon
Migraine Chat room
Is there a migraine chat room here, or is it just discussion boards. The message boards have helped me a lot, but it would be nice to chat with others. I have a terrible migraine right now. I just took a fioricet, praying it works. It's 10:30pm and I need
My first chat with a Disability Attorney (Someone Shoot Me!)
Soooo... Made a couple calls to Disability Lawyers in my area to see about a consultation. My first call back was a huge hit (sarcasm!!) I'll go Quentin Tarantino style to make it interesting and start with the end I ended our call by saying t
BBcodes available on AvacWeb
[url=/t428-28-create-new-bbcodes-with-new-lgbb]LGBB[/url] is installed on AvacWeb and so we have the ability to add more BBcodes to use within posts. If you are unsure what LGBB is and what it does click here:
Sonic The Hedgehog turned 20 years old yesterday live chat and the new forum shop added to celebrate!
Weather you love the blue blur,or hate it's pretty much a given that you've heard his name! That's right yesterday marked the 20 year anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog's first game! In celebration I'll start a new shop feature on this site shortly tha
PBB Community Chat
Hi, This chat is now open for everyone to come, chat, about anything! Just remember to keep it under controll! -Trenmor
Developer's Interview: Our Heroic Chat About Freedom Planet With Galaxy Trail Games!
Sonic Move Over! We recently were given the opportunity to interview Galaxy Trail Games about their upcoming fast-paced action-platformer Freedom Planet! Here is the interview in full, please enjoy!: Interview with Galaxy Trail Games
[Thùng rác] Chat box tự đăng nhập có thỉnh thầy
Đêmô ;) Bước 1 : MODULES >> HTML pages management tạo 1 HTML mới Title * : Chatbox pro Do you wish to use your forum header and footer ? : Không Use this page as homepage ? : Không HTML source * : Cho code sau vào Vào đây
Google Apps will get stronger video chat capabilities
Google Apps users can expect to see significant improvements in the suite's voice- and video-chat capabilities, as the company builds on Gmail's current features in that area. Gmail's voice and video chats are now limited to one-to-one communications,
General chit-chat
I thought it would be good to have a general chit-chat thread. Yesterday I was in a town called Ubly, MI. It is in a part of Michigan called "the thumb." I was at the dragstrip there helping my dad with a photo shooting assignment of a hot-ro
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