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[ANSWERED] Integrate drivers tutorial
can anyone show me a link to a tutorial who describe how to integrate drivers in the win 8.1iso can´t find it anywhere
[ANSWERED] Integrate Language Pack
Does Winreducer support the integration of a language pack ? I have them in the form of files like /fr-fr/ /de-de/
[ANSWERED] Integrate updates in AIO 8.1
Hi, all, This is my first post, so maybe it's in the wrong place or this issue could be answeres on another thread. I've made an AIO iso with several Win 8.1 update 1 versions and I'm wondering about Winreducer functionality: do I have to use Winreduce
[ANSWERED] How to Integrate Win 7 SP1 and updates that are not MSU files
Hi guys, Sorry, but I'm a newbee here. I have a Windows 7 ISO from 2009 and I wanted to slipstream as many updates as I can. For starters, the question is how do we integrate Windows 7 SP1? As for the rest, all the updates with MSU files are
[IMPLEMENTED] Integrate "update 1"
Hello friends I have a small query. I wonder if I can integrate the "update 1" by 8.1 Winreducer 1.04 I hope your answers
How to integrate .net framework 4.6
Winreducer EX7.0 v1.1.9.0 Windows 7 Home Premium N(RTM) How can i integrate .net framework 4.5 or 4.6 while i use expert optimizations except .net framework folder cleanup? There is no option at winreducer updates tool. Without integrating its not abl
how to Integrate adobe CC WampServer and others software to windows 8.1 x64
Hi guys, first many thanks for this excellent software really, my question is how to Integrate adobe CC like photoshop, dreamweaver, WampServer and others software to windows 8.1 x64 do you think any tutorial exists for that? many thanks in advance for
[SOLVED] Unable to integrate Updates or Software
I'm having trouble to get WinReducer to work. I downloaded all the updates, x86 and x64, they are in the folders E:\WinReducer81\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x86 and E:\WinReducer81\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x64 folders. I created a preset file (for Windows 8.
Integrate office 2013 proplus x64 to windows 8.1 x64
Integrate office 2013 proplus x64   to windows 8.1 x64 make a folder office/64 ( 32 ) .. extract the iso office in office/64 .. office \ 64 \ proplus.ww .. edit config.xml replace with : Code:<Configuration
[HOW TO] Integrate .Net Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 using WinReducer 8 or command line
****************************************************************************** * MANUAL INSTALLATION : 0) Make sure that you have a new customized ISO with WinReducer v0.55 1) Open "cmd.exe" as an administrator (right click on the bottom
Other Way to Integrate .Net Framework 3.5 Windows 10 Manually
In the interest of saving time and bandwidth, i've downloaded an "ESD" version of Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 (x64). While tried to Enabled .Net Framework 3.5 Features used DiSM Code: Code:Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All
how to integrate Jira with Selenium
Hi, I am using selenium and testng for my web application. Want to integrate the jira defect management tool so cany any one tell how do with sany sample example. I can be reached @ mail Id Please any
How to integrate selenium with ZAPI-Zephyr
Kindly any one tell about how to connect the JIRA with selenium with the help of ZAPI. Zephyr already integrated with JIRA
[SOLVED] Winreducer 8.1 v1.05 - breaks April Intergrated.iso and will not integrate any updates also.
Hello. Problem 1 Today i wanted to make fresh Win 8.1 iso, with MetroUi apps removed. My source was this "en_windows_8.1_with_update_x64_dvd_4065090" which has April Update integrated already. I used v1.05 to remove MetroUI apps
can we integrate quality center with selenium
can any one help me thanks in advance.
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